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@GodsWordisLaw, Outstaying His Welcome Now

Annnnnnnd, he’s back!

What was that? Less that 4 hours away? Any ‘respect’ he may have gained for managing to keep his Poe persona (poe-sona?) up for so long will surely evaporate away if he just keeps on going as if nothing happened!

Before today one had to accept that, no matter how obscene what he said was, Keith managed to stay in character 100% of the time, never once dropping the act. But today….well, today it’s game over. The ONLY way forward seems to me to be if he reveals himself to be a big name comedian setting up some show or other, or trying to make a point about how people react to online lunatics….

But my gut feeling is that he’s either a no-body who set up a poe account that span out of control, or he’s genuinely insane.

EDIT: in light of the following, I’m going with ‘Poe’, and also feel confident in saying that @LoveGod50 is just a Keith sockpuppet

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3 thoughts on “@GodsWordisLaw, Outstaying His Welcome Now

  1. I'm stunned, the world continues. Again. If and when it does end it will be nothing to do with any non existent being.The most likely is that Earth finally drifts out of range of the sun and we freeze to death. Or a black hole comes our way. Not pleasant, but quick.Sorry, no Rapture fo any, another fantasy.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Tough call.. But given the account has been running for over two months that's hard (all that spouting of abuse) to maintain for any normal person right? He must be who he says he is because he isn't focusing on anything but the same things all the time. The other account I am sure is sock puppet or someone baiting him out long term. Has anyone taken a look at posting times to confirm if they match minnesota times for waking, working and sleeping?

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