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As #RaptureNYE Passes Without Incident….

…where now for homophobic lunatic @GodsWordIsLaw? Already today we’ve seen his biggest fan, @LoveGod50, apologising to everyone he insulted, after a day of gradually dimming enthusiasm for ‘the Rapture’

Keith himself has vanished (probably raptured!) – was this part of his plan all along? Was he realising that too many people were getting too good at finding out who the real people were who he’d stolen identities from? Has he been warned off by the REAL Keith Roberts or Dave Butts? Perhaps this was his way of escaping from the Poe world he’d created over the last few months, bowing out with a whimper rather than a bang.

Whatever has happened, we’ll all remember Keith as the Poe who made it to the Daily Mail.

EDIT: He’s posted one, presumably final, tweet –

If that isn’t the work of a Poe, I don’t know what is.

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