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Raissa, Bigging Herself Up Again

According to her profile on Twitter, Raissa Nkuba is ‘President of New Generation For Congo’….

….so I googled ‘New Generation For Congo’, and here’s a screen shot of what I found –

One hit, for Raissa’s twitter profile. It’s a bit like her ‘Free Mabus’ campaign, all in her head. Now, don’t get me wrong, the issue with the Congo IS serious, and there are things going very wrong there, but Raissa is probably not the best spokesperson for it. Why? Because, let’s be honest here, she comes across as being a tiny bit insane.

Still, one hit! That’s pretty good!

EDIT: Six results now, 5 of them being this blog post!

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2 thoughts on “Raissa, Bigging Herself Up Again

  1. 6 results for "New Generation For Congo" now, An Atheist Viewpoint is in at number one *AND* two, MissRaissa comes in at three now. LOL

  2. And ALL the others are places where this post has been reposted!RAISSAFAIL!

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