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Good News for Brandy, Ex-Wife of Joe Cienkowski

Well done Brandy! Congratulations on your divorce from Joe Cienkowski!

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2 thoughts on “Good News for Brandy, Ex-Wife of Joe Cienkowski

  1. I know that she posted it on facebook which is public in itself, but are you sure she wouldn't mind you reposting it? I know it's a dumb question but I just got back after a 9 hour drive from home, plus cleaning and shopping!By the way, here's some reading about Plantinga that may be of interest to you.No theologian in the world is going to convince me that it’s impossible for God to fail to exist because he’s a “necessary being.” Science has shown that he’s not “necessary” for anything we know about the universe. And saying that “many theists hold” this-and-that isn’t evidence, it’s just an assertion about what some people think. One fallacy of theology is to equate “truth” with “classical theism,” or with “what many theists hold.” And of course that’s how Plantinga supports his thesis that God is “all-knowing, all-powerful, and wholly good.” How does he know that?We don’t need to propose serious arguments against the truth of religious belief because that belief must provide its own evidence, which it hasn’t done. And we all know that what can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.(though the apologists I know would bring out stuff like "fulfilled prophecy" and "scientific foreknowledge" in the bible, at least they did before Sye came along! You know who I mean here.For me, this is a money quote:If anything damages science here, it’s the claim that evolution required the assistance of God. Remember that Plantinga accepts Behe’s arguments for Intelligent Design. Claiming that science is damaged if we don’t accept that God tinkered with the evolutionary process is like saying that science is damaged if we don’t accept that apples couldn’t fall from trees without God’s help.

  2. Reynold,That was a great read. Thanks for the link!Ydemoc

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