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@PiltdownSupermn Doesn’t Know What a Poe Is

He’s written about what he thinks a ‘Poe’ is before, and got it spectacularly wrong (even after writing the definition into the start of his ‘piece’!). Since then he’s had it explained to him, but he STILL doesn’t understand.

Bob, let me make this clear enough for even someone with a single digit IQ like yourself to understand. A ‘Poe’ is a someone who believes the OPPOSITE of that which he or she posts. Example: @Frankfurt4 is a Poe – why? Because he is clearly ripping the piss out of fundamentalism by adopting a parody of it as his twitter persona. It is entirely possible that homophobic lunatic @GodsWordIsLaw is also a Poe. But the important thing is that Poe’s Law dictates that any parody of fundamentalism, no matter how extreme, will be indistinguishable from ACTUAL fundies, as you can guarantee that you’ll encounter someone online who genuinely believes the exact same thing.

So, for there to be ‘atheist Poes’ there would have to religious fundamentalists out there pretending to be atheists in their tweets. Unfortunately for you, as there are no standard ‘beliefs’ amongst atheists (beyond a shared notion that there is no such thing as gods), it is practically impossible to parody atheism in a way that would convince others that you were ‘for real’.

The only truth here is that Bob Sorensen doesn’t actually know what a Poe is, and is happy to continue getting it wrong in witless ignorance….the same witless ignorance he displays when talking about evolution.

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