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Miss Raissa’s Site Gets Suspended

This is what greets visitors to Raissa Nkuba’s website at the moment. Is it possible that the endless homophobia drew enough complains that the site got shuttered?

Maybe she ditched it herself, as it didn’t chime with her current ‘Save the Congo!’ obsession, an obsession that has seen her claiming the Police and the CIA (despite her being a Canadian citizen) are monitoring her tweets….

….accusing Ben Affleck of smuggling resources…..

….and getting a bit mixed up over whether there have been more deaths in the Congo (reckoned to be between 5 and 7 million) or the entire of the Second World War (between 50 and 70 million) –

Reading through her time line you’ll see a woman who has entirely dropped her anti Chaz Bono tirades, given up on telling homosexuals that they will be going to hell, and has become a single topic tweeter.

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