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@GodsWordIsLaw Has Gone Insane

He’s now jumped aboard the Harold Camping train, and is predicting the Rapture will take place on New Years Eve!

Come the 1st of January, as the sun rises on Keith’s embarrassment, I bet he’ll claim that his account had been hacked during this week, and that nothing written was by him…..or he’ll just stop tweeting completely, and leave his ‘fans’ to claim that he was Raptured. I’m looking forward to whatever he comes up with next.

EDIT: Claiming he was hacked is EXACTLY what he’s done –

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42 thoughts on “@GodsWordIsLaw Has Gone Insane

  1. I think this guy is full of shit!Hal

  2. He's severely schizophrenic and an insult to the mentally ill community much of whom are good hearted people.

  3. He will claim to be hacked but we won't buy it. That's his classic extremely hateful personality coming out in those responses. Nobody could even pretend to be that hateful, even Meryl Streep couldn't pretend to be Keith. So no, we won't buy it.

  4. I want to state, for the record, that this person is NOT a Christian. Continue your good work in exposing him for who he really is… an insane madman.

  5. I think this is subtle way for him to erase his on-line existence and start afresh away from the backlash he is experiencing. The problem is, someone with his deplorable and appalling attitude, will always resurface. I am just saddened he does it claiming to be a Christian.The key mistake he has made is no-one knows when rapture will occur. It is ridiculous to suggest it could be known or predicted. The man is a fool and a false teacher.

  6. If he's doing this to give up tweeting on this account, the last thing he can do he is delete his twitter and blogs, as that would be too obviously signalling "I'm leaving Dodge City"- in any case, simply stopping and leaving the account derelict would be more in keeping with images of The Rapture evoked in fiction like "Left Behind", of people simply being spirited away mid task without warning. In fact, he appears to be hinting at simply stopping with this tweet, as if to assure people that when he stops tweeting, he'll still be okay,Oh the other hand, the forthcoming "last" entry of his blog might be him revealing himself as a Poe.Either way, it's going to be most interesting! Serious or not, he's clearly jumped the shark with his latest escapade. I don't think anyone can take him as anything other than a joke after this. He's got at least 6000 followers now, a thousand at least gained over the past couple of days. Most of them are sceptical, and a few are quite influential, like Ricky Gervais, Huffington Post, and arguably even the Daily Mail. Having made such extravagant and testable claims in public, he can't later claim everyone's lying, and/or photoshopping screengrabs of his deleted tweets as he did less than a month ago.

  7. By less than a month ago, I mean this.

  8. @Languish So you're the authority on who is and isn't christian? too funny.Keith is a classic nut job. And sadly, this RaptureNYE will not happen, no matter how much he wants it to happen.

  9. Perhaps the rapture only refers to the "minds" of Christians — that their minds will be taken from them in a flash. If so, then many Christians have, evidently, been raptured already. Ydemoc

  10. You gotta love the pseudo-intellectualism i.e. Ydemoc aka The eschatological "expert" I couldn't have picked a better name i.e. Charlatan.

  11. I wrote: "Perhaps the rapture only refers to the "minds" of Christians — that their minds will be taken from them in a flash. If so, then many Christians have, evidently, been raptured already."Trinity chimed in: "You gotta love the pseudo-intellectualism i.e. Ydemoc aka The eschatological "expert" I couldn't have picked a better name i.e. Charlatan."See what I mean, folks?Ydemoc

  12. No, we don't see what you mean.

  13. Ya, Hezekiah, some of us do.Actually, probably, hopefully, most of us…BoB

  14. Bob,What do you see?

  15. Hez,Apparently something that you do not. Do you think that might lend credence to Ydemoc's hilariously sad statement?BoB

  16. Juan:     One may reasonably assume that a christian is someone who believes the bible to be accurate. The bible states that no one will know the day or hour. The fellow in question claims to know the day and hour. Therefore he fails to meet the definition of christian.

  17. @Juan – I never said i am the authority its just blatantly obvious.

  18. @ Pbvlivs – I couldn't have put it better myself – thanks. Matthew 24:36 confirms it implicitly.

  19. Suddenly Pv shows up. Hey Pv you ever gonna present that argument?

  20. No, no, no – you guys don't get it. This is gonna be a spiritual Rapture, preceded by spiritual earthquake.Just like the one that happened on May 21 😀

  21. Hezekiah:     You are so incoherent, I have no idea what argument you want me to present.

  22. Pv begins by poisoning the well anyway.Pv the exact thing you are trying to convince me of.Any day during this lifetime would be nice.

  23. Hezekiah:     You are still being incoherent. When you chimed in with your demand that I present an argument, I wasn't even addressing you. You can go away now.

  24. Trinity, do you realise that you make a clanking arse of yourself every time you post?

  25. Found this blog from a Christian decrying Keith's rapture prediction:'s interesting is that he notes Keith's account was created on 2nd August this year. I only first became aware of him on 31st of the very same month. That's quite a relatively new account. More evidence that he's a troll?There's also a number of new Twitter accounts just created that support Keith's escapade. So far, I've counted @LoveGod50, @Rature_NYE, @joycelovesgod1 and @PutUrFaithInGod . All bar one created in the "2 day absence" that Keith has been taking to "prepare". Presumably all these accounts will get "raptured" at the same time.

  26. Pvblivs, from from what I saw, Keith claims to know that day, but *not* the hour. So it's a kind of compromise. A kind of really rubbish compromise which doesn't address the Biblical passage in question, of course.

  27. Alex,An argument is always nice.

  28. It is, and I'll look forward to you thinking one up

  29. Pv I was here first you go away.

  30. Hezekiah:     I have been commenting on Alex'x posts since before you had a Blogger account. You were not here first. Even if you were, you contribute nothing but incoherency.

  31. Trinity, Pvbs is right, he's been posting here a LOT longer than you have

  32. I was taking about this particular post there Alex darling. Thanks

  33. Pv,Of course you don't even bother to give any support for your claim. All you care about is poisoning the well to make it seem like you have the "edge".Life is short Pv anyday now with that argument.

  34. Something to remember about this rapture idiocy: Even though xians will deride others for what they call "date-setting" (see their rule 11) since the bible forbids it, one should remember where that stuff came from in the first place.For an examination of that site to kind of cleanse your brain.The bible. Or at least, their interpretation of it since that Nelson Darby guy came along and proposed it.

  35. Nice find Reynold!For crap's sake, check out their rules on their message board…!?

  36. Hezekiah:     "Of course you don't even bother to give any support for your claim."     You have not identified what claim I am supposed to have made that you want me to support. You just demand that I present an argument in favor of whatever nebulous claim you have in mind. That is incoherent. And I will leave it to the remainder of the audience as to whether they agree or disagree with that assessment. Now, don't respond to me.     Where's your argument?     What argument?     Where's your argument?     What are you even talking about?     Where's your argument?     You're being incoherent.     Poisoning the well. Now where's your argument?

  37. You got it all wrong Pv.You know what you have been trying to convince me of.Anyday now Pv life is short.

  38.      "You know what you have been trying to convince me of."     I put it to the audience. Does anyone have a clue what he's talking about?

  39. We don't, and neither does Pv from the looks of it. How's about telling us just what the hell you're rabbiting on about?

  40. Pv and Reynold maybe you guys can work on that argument together.Hopefully, during this lifetime you know life is short.

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