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More Religious Insanity

“….I’m a healthy man. It’s right to spit on a girl who doesn’t behave according to the law of the Torah. A seven-year-old, yes. What’s the problem? The rabbis tell us how a woman should behave when she walks in the street and that’s how it should be.”

Those are the words of an ultra-orthodox Jewish man interviewed for a TV show in Israel, reported in the Independent today.

This isn’t one religious group attacking another, it’s people of the same faith thinking that little girls deserve to be spat on because they’re not following some rule that ignorant desert dwellers thought up 2000+ years ago. This is the disgusting result of delusional thinking, this is an vivid example of what religion does to people.


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2 thoughts on “More Religious Insanity

  1. Israelis, despite the suffering they have endured, are possibly the world's worst bigots and hypocrites. Well, not possibly, actually.The suffering they endure? They seem to bring it on themselves be deciding THEY are the CHOSEN people.Chosen b y whom? Themselves of course as God doesn't exist.

  2. As I never grow tired of saying, orthodox Judaism is a mental disorder. I'm glad to read that secular Israelis are starting to stand up to them.

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