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I Hope This is a Joke

The above was linked to today by twitter user ‘LoveGod50‘, an individual who is either a total fool, or a Poe. I’m inclined to thinking he’s a Poe……if he isn’t, then gods help us all.

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9 thoughts on “I Hope This is a Joke

  1. It is said that people living in London (UK) drink water that has already been through 6 people since it was last rained down upon the earth. It tastes like it too!

  2. Yup. It's hilarious when fundies accidentally post stuff like that water thing (which has obviously been set up as a joke) as if they were true.

  3. I always knew fundies were against recycling!!!

  4. lol the 7 billion water drinking humans 2 billion years ago had no idea they were drinking all of our water!

  5. I saw this too. Ridiculous to say the least. These fundamentalist morons are missing the point entirely. This is not a valid argument whatsoever. The people who post such drivel as this are not Christians. The last time i checked the Bible (and i read it daily) it says nothing about the actual date of creation. If it was a pertinent fact it would be in there. Any rational and moderate Christian knows the world and universe is immeasurably ancient – we just differ on its origins. Please keep singling out these idiots and exposing them.

  6. Load of misguided crap, so full of holes it's hardly worth pointing them out.Let's do a few though, just for fun.When humans started there were not as many as today so to use today's numbers for past data is complete rubbish science.Science proves conclusively that water is recycled. We drink it, we expel it, It evaporates and comes back as rain etc etc etc. Same old water there was all those years ago. We don't use it and it's gone. Stupidity.Humans actually consist of how much water? The various items on the net state between 55% and 78% of our bodies are pure water. Why is that?Even if we assume today's number existed way back when then also assume no one had ever expelled any of that water as refuse then what would we have? Exploding humans or a hell of a line for the loo?This idiot ignores the perpetuity of water.He might as well say we have used all the sunlight too.There is not even a hint of a shred of science in this idiotic item. But then again they believe the earth is only 6000 years old. Given that religion was actually created 7000 years ago in Mesopotamia the guy is obviously yet another creationist.In the beginning there was a moron. And he said let there be water and there was water. But only in his brain space.

  7. And that doesn't even count the water that christ turned into wine LOL

  8. i like it, very funny

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