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@GodsWordIsLaw Makes it to the Daily Mail

Thanks to twitter user Mex5150 for this, a photo of today’s Daily Mail article about the Gervais/GodsWordIsLaw spat –

Click to view full size.

EDIT: Paul Baird has posted a link to the article on the Mail website, click here if you want to read it.

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5 thoughts on “@GodsWordIsLaw Makes it to the Daily Mail

  1. Just to make it clear, I do *NOT* read the Mail, I was visiting my Mother who does LOL

  2. @ Mex, oh that old excuse. 🙂

  3. Excellent post – please, please keep exposing this false teacher posing as a Christian. He most certainly is NOT a Christian. We [Christians] are as appalled, shocked and disgusted by this person as any normal and sane person would expect to be.

  4. Mark, I absolutely agree, I don't think 'Keith' is a genuine Christian at all, and am leaning more and more towards thinking he's nothing more than a very successful Poe.

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