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Hezekiah Ahaz Claims He is Not Nide

Here is a comment that ‘Hezekiah Ahaz’ posted on my blog

….and here’s one he posted two minutes earlier, but then deleted

Luckily I get everything emailed to me.

So, HA claims he is not Nide, but posts the EXACT same comment…..

EDIT: he also claims he is not ‘r_c321′, but what’s this?

 Check out the email address! DOUBLE OOPS!

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16 thoughts on “Hezekiah Ahaz Claims He is Not Nide

  1. Isn't it? I wonder how he'll wriggle out of this one….

  2. I am When have I ever denied this?So, What's your point sweetheart?

  3. HilariousNow go and answer the quetions Ydemoc's questions

  4. Thanks for the shoutout doll.By the way I been chit chatting with Miss Rubi it's a classic. I don't think she is to happy with me. By the way can you do a post for charlatan he's dying for recognition.Thanks buddy.

  5. Loving the way you try and spin your astounding idiocy into some kind of 'victory'

  6. "Loving the way you try and spin your astounding idiocy into some kind of 'victory'"How does it feel to be a loser alex?

  7. Why don't you tell me?

  8. There's a reason wikipedia bans accounts for being and using sock puppets.Generally only those who are unable to argue effectively or feel 'ganged up on' because they are inherently wrong & just can't see it, are the ones that use them.

  9. Felix what's an argument.Alex the burden is on you

  10. "Alex the burden is on you"Really? Considering the only loser here is yourself, I'd have thought you'd be ideally placed to describe how being such feels. Perhaps I could imagine it for you? But, really, it would be far quicker for you to tell us all what the experience of being a loser is like.

  11. Great Alex,When you tell me that I am loser the only alternative I have is to imagine it. So, how is what I'm imagining not imaginary?

  12. Oh dear, you walked right into that, didn't you?

  13. What? Commenting that you'd done EXACTLY what I expected to do after that set up?

  14. Wow, what an Abrahamic dickhead.

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