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What’s Going on with Mabus/Markuze?

Some websites are reporting that Dennis Markuze aka David Mabus is back online and back to his old tricks

It appears that the Montreal authorities have released Dennis Markuze / David Mabus and he is now back to his old tricks. Posting in an old forum under the same moniker he was always used, he made two new posts just recently (there all the way at the bottom). The first one says, “You can’t SILENCE THE TRUTH.” I haven’t seen any updates, but it appears he has been released. Anyone know anything more?

That’s from ‘Dispatches from the Culture Wars’, whilst Doubtful Newsblog runs with this –

This page from the Dissident Philosophy Forum shows user “atheistwar3″ who was known to be notorious skeptic/atheist spammer Dennis Markuze (aka David Mabus) has returned from hiatus. The last post before yesterday, December 17, was dated May 14, 2011.
Markuze was arrested last summer and the latest news was that Markuze was undergoing treatment for various disorders. See here.
It is not known for sure whether this is actually him, although it sure appears to follow the same pattern. And, it is not known if this new activity is in violation of his terms of release.
Hopefully more information is forthcoming. But, I’m waiting to see if any new twitter spam suddenly begins again that involves weird You Tube videos instead of “You’ve won an iPad!”.

So what’s going on? Is Markuze out and about, or is this just the result of someone pretending to be him?

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