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Sorensen: Whining Again

Yesterday credulous faith jockey, Robert ‘Call me Stormbringer, I think it makes me sound manly’ Sorensen, posted the following lengthy tweet

Atheists that are stupidified by their hate & rage want to discredit my writings. Bad news, Sunshine: Saying the equivalent of “You’re a doo-doo head!” is not a refutation of the truths that have been presented. Also, railing is not a means of debunking the links. All these clowns do is make themselves look foolish – except to other hate-filled, stupidified atheists. Wow, agonizing.

Yet again, this sad little man, sitting in his grief hole in Kingston, NY, has claimed that the only reason atheists ‘stupidified* [sic] by their hate & rage’ aren’t swayed by the laughable articles he posts, and links to, is because they don’t read the material. This isn’t true….at all.

Just how untrue is it? Have a look at all these posts that directly interact with claims Bob has made –


Why Bob continues to lie about these things is beyond me, given the evidence that overwhelmingly proves the opposite. I guess he has to keep on bullshitting to himself that his fantasy is real. The twat.

*what is it with Bob and making up words? He seems to do it constantly.

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