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Poor Deluded Bob Sorensen

“Atheists trying to make a name for themselves, but are fading into obscurity, gave one of my Weblogs a surge of about a dozen hits (yawn). Give up, boys.” (original)

 Now, it’s entirely possible that Robert N. Sorensen isn’t talking about me here, but given his weird obsessions with me, I somehow doubt it. ‘Fading into obscurity’ is (sadly for Bob) the exact opposite of what’s actually happening with this blog, and the constant growth of Fundamentally Flawed (the show he chickened out of appearing on, remember) is even further removed from ‘fading into obscurity’. Really, the man couldn’t have got it more wrong if he’d deliberately set out to!

Poor Bob, I can only imagine he’s purple with rage at the success of this blog and the podcast.

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5 thoughts on “Poor Deluded Bob Sorensen

  1. Good Morning,So, how about we start with what's "not anything"?

  2. Trinity,Why do you keep following Dawson, Alex and me around? Why do you keep posting questions that have already been answered? And why do you constantly post questions that are off-topic?Ydemoc

  3. Her's an interesting story of what happened when someone from the inside dared to question biblical dogma. An example can be found here.As reported by Christianity Today (see here), New Testament scholar Michael Licona has apparently lost both his job as research professor of New Testament at Southern Evangelical Seminary and been ousted as apologetics coordinator for the North America Mission Board (NAMB). Why? In his 700-page book defending the historicity of Jesus' resurrection, Licona proposed that the story of the resurrection of the saints described in Matthew 27 might be metaphorical rather than literal history. Why is this a problem? As a result of Licona's questioning of Matthew 27, apparently some evangelical scholars, most notably Norman Geisler, accused Licona of denying the full inerrancy of the Bible. Other evangelical scholars, including Paul Copan and Craig Blomberg, however, rallied to Licona's defense.

  4. The conclusions of the author of the secular outpost blog?One of them was: The incident casts doubt on the ability of Evangelical scholars, qua Evangelicals, to follow the evidence wherever it may lead. You can read about what he says in his post. Now, remember that many creationist outfits have statements of faith before you can join up. From the link above at the very end:6.By definition, no apparent, perceived or claimed evidence in any field, including history and chronology, can be valid if it contradicts the Scriptural record. Of primary importance is the fact that evidence is always subject to interpretation by fallible people who do not possess all information.It's not only delusions, but enforced beliefs, it seems.As these guys point out.

  5. Reynold,Interesting stuff there. That people are told and directed what to think through so-called "statements of faith" should be enough to make any rational person recognize the kind of game being played: Disregard or attempt to massage into place, anything that contradicts Santa Clause being real. Policy statements of this kind are the garbage one can expect as the end result of adhering to a mystical worldview. Mind you, I don't have a problem with any private organization or school's *right* make such demands; just as they shouldn't have a problem with me pointing out how irrational I think it is that they are doing so. Perhaps there are more people out there like Licona than evangelicals would like to admit. If there are, and they keep quiet about it, then they are as much to blame (if not more so, since they know better) of peddling this kind of irrationality as those who create or fully embrace it.Here's another thread on this incident over on "Debunking Christianity":

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