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When Christians Attack….Each Other!

I was very disappointed when I read an apologist put forth the view that it was perfectly acceptable to think that at some point during evolution, God suddenly granted consciousness or enlightenment to a male and female, and they were made into Adam and Eve! Adam was considered a real person in the genealogy of Jesus (Luke 3.38), Paul said that Adam and Eve were real people (1 Timothy 2.13-14), Jude called Adam a real person (Jude 1.14). Death entered the world because of Adam’s sin (Romans 5.12), but “progressive creationists” and “theistic evolutionists” require death before sin. But worse for this view is that it is an insult to Jesus, since Paul referred to Jesus as “the last Adam (1 Cor. 15.45). What does that mean? Was Jesus the next stage of evolution?

That belch of self-righteousness is from Bob Sorensen‘s latest burp of bollocks on his A Soldier for Jesus ‘blog’ (I say ‘blog’, because really it’s a series of risible dribbles of inconsequential nothing rather than anything anyone would choose to read for pleasure or education). My guess is he’s having a go at David Smart, aka blogger and presubullshitter, Ryft, a soft spoken Canadian who has mauled the text of Genesis into an unrecognisable ‘Temple Narrative’ in his attempts at squaring the circle caused by Reality absolutely contradicting the first book of the Bible

To be honest I’m not entirely sure why Smart doesn’t take the final step and become an atheist, but I also don’t think that he deserves to be criticised by Bob Sorensen, a man who lacks even the beginnings of a basic understanding of, well, anything.

Still, it’s kind of amusing watching these people attacking each other over who believes the ‘right’ delusion.

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2 thoughts on “When Christians Attack….Each Other!

  1. Alexgod,How does one becoming an atheist Is there a prayer, for example, like the sinners prayer?

  2. What the fuck are you on about now, Trinity?

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