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Entirely Missing the Point

In the comments following an entirely wretched piece of genocide apologism on the Eternity Matters blog, you will find the following statement

Well to the degree an atheist would criticize God for judging people with some natural disaster (and I do not claim all natural disasters are such a judgment – I am referring to those events in Scripture so designated) said atheist is making an argument against God’s sovereignty and authority to act as judge. Now obviously an atheist would be compelled to deny such authority because to admit otherwise would be a denial of the fundamental motivation for being an atheist – absolute self-determination. Giving this conflict of interest, it is hard to understand whether a determined atheist could consider the issue rationally. 

The important part is the line I’ve emphasised – ‘the fundamental motivation for being an atheist – absolute self-determination’. It’s hard to know where to even begin with how wrong this single sentence is, certainly, if believers really think this is the reason atheists stop believing, then no wonder they endlessly repeat the lie that we’re rebelling against their god!

Speaking for myself, my ‘motivation’ for becoming an atheist was….well….nothing. Literally nothing. Nothing looking down on me from heaven, nothing judging my every thought and deed, nothing promising me eternal life. I had no ‘motivation’ to stop believing, I had nothing to gain from it (apart from my mental freedom), I just drifted into being ‘an atheist’ by losing my faith in the truth of the Christian religion. I realised none of it was true, and becoming an atheist was a side effect.

So when Christians say something as thoroughly wrong headed as the above, all I can do is shake my head, and wonder why they are so blind to the reality of why most people turn from religion – not rebellion, but the realisation that faith is built entirely on foundations of horse crap.

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One thought on “Entirely Missing the Point

  1. I think you nailed it when you put quotes around the word motivation. Does it make sense to discuss "motivation" of being an atheist? If you come to the realisation that the concept of a god is ludicrous then you are automatically an atheist, whether or not you choose to admit it, and it is totally independent of any type of "motivation". Indeed, you may fervently wish not to become an atheist but is already to late.Once that misconception is pointed out the rest of the statement is just standard drivel.

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