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‘Religion’ as Insult

I’ve heard many many Christians attacking non-belief by calling it a ‘religion’ – Bob Sorensen does it, Joe Cienkowski does it, in fact countless Christians do it.

They use the word ‘religion’ as an insult, but surely that’s the exact opposite of what they think? Surely religion is a good thing for them?

I guess it’s the same mentality that leads to lunatics like Bob using the language of atheism to ATTACK lack of faith – calling non-believers ‘fundies’ and using the nonsense phrase ‘science of the gaps’. It only serves to make the believers make the claims look like morons, but they don’t seem to realise that.

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4 thoughts on “‘Religion’ as Insult

  1. Like you, I'm always amused that they can't see the implications of this tu quoque rebuttal: "O-Okay, maybe I'm religious. But you're no better!" Crazy!

  2. They are wrong to suggest atheism is a religion. To call it a religion is absurd. I think they [those who get it wrong] confuse a religion with a belief system. I would suggest atheism is a belief system because it is taking a stance on whether God exists. This is why we have various categorisations of belief from agnostics to nihilists, etc (There are so many!).

  3. I class myself as a 'confident non-believer', I *know* there are no gods, as such a thing is a logical impossibility.It amuses me to see people like Bob and Joe trying to desperately redefine unbelief into a form of belief (I've even been at the receiving end of Matt Slick trying it) in attempt to turn it onto something they can understand. Unfortunately a certain type of theistic thinking seems to shut down the ability to even comprehend different ways of considering the world in others.At least here and on the podcast there are a couple of regulars who, whilst being believers, are able to be utterly rational at the same time (I'm thinking of Mark aka Languish, and Richard Morgan). It's good to be able to maintain a dialogue with the less extreme end of the belief spectrum.

  4. I have more recently been able to define what I do & don't believe.1. I believe that what I experience as reality matches up, most of the time, to what actually happens. (Accounting for the inherent fallibility of memory/vision etc)2. I believe in the fundamental 'niceness' of people. This may make me slightly naive, but it makes life more enjoyable.3. I don't believe anything else.

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