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Sixty Thousand Views!

On the 22nd of November I realised I’d hit 50,000 views – pretty good for a year of blogging without being anyone particularly important or influential. Today I’ve checked my hits, and in only 15 days I’m up to 60,281.

Add in the fact that, last month, Fundamentally Flawed served up 260gb+ of data from (where we host the podcasts), and I’m feeling quite chuffed.

Thanks again for reading and listening! It’s reassuring to know that people are interested in what I’ve (and the rest of the Fundie Flawed crew) got to say.

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2 thoughts on “Sixty Thousand Views!

  1. Well done sir.I've caught up on all your podcasts to date.It's been quite interesting to follow the development & consolidation of your arguments over the history of the podcast.Thankyou and all your fellow hosts for an excellent listen.

  2. I'm glad you've enjoyed them! I like to think that the podcasts present a kind of narrative as we work out various things.

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