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What the Fuck is @imh0me on About??

Buggered if I know….

What the FUCK??

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7 thoughts on “What the Fuck is @imh0me on About??

  1. I'm amazed that they allow internet access in psych wards.

  2. After reading these, it looks as if we have a budding Marshall Applewhite in our midst. Perhaps it's only a matter of time before this individual gathers a flock, dresses them in Nike's, and leads them all to mass suicide in an attempt to hitch a ride on some passing comet.

  3. Reads like someone set their word processor on puree and tweeted random bits of nonsense.

  4. Well, ok….since that was so bloody out there, I don't think anyone will be (justifiably) upset if I just note that it's soon that time of the year again.

  5. its all very well be be amused by this latest serving of ridiculousness from Imhome but don't forget this is the same person that said suffering kids with cancer deserved it for offending god eons ago and that laws against pedophilia are discrominatory.

  6. To be honest, I am having a hard time keeping up with the madness being spewed out here.It all started off with @imh0me claiming time wasnt real…. then it went downhill…..

  7. There's some proper insanity on display I feel

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