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Make Your Mind Up, Chris Taylor of Conroe, TX!!

Over the last 8 or 9 months Chris Taylor, a racist little no-body from CousinBumfuck, Texas, has googled himself repeatedly to see if the articles I wrote about him here* still show up on the first page of the eponymous search engine. The funniest thing is, the very act of doing this, then clicking through to my blog is KEEPING ME ON THE FRONT PAGE!!

Well done, Chris, well done.

Anyhow, Chris had another little whinge on his ‘Chris Taylor is Not a Racist’ blog, it’s pretty amusing, and written all in the third person, despite the author being Chris himself –

It is a sad day when foreigners can try to hurt a hard working  human being, or try to, based on twitter comments that were written as jokes. Chris deserves the American dream, a position of authority with a good job. He is one of the smartest people that I know. So quit the crap and write about someone else. ANOTHER THING- DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO CRETINS ABOUT CHRIS.

Click here to read, and you’ll see that Chris has changed his story once again – no longer are the Tweets that landed him in such hot water the product of someone else trying to discredit him, they’re now his work….but intended as jokes! Poor, confused idiot.

*just type ‘Taylor’ into the search bar at the top, you’ll find all of them

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3 thoughts on “Make Your Mind Up, Chris Taylor of Conroe, TX!!

  1. I love how this guy seperates foreigners from human beings. If I've said it once I've said it twice the only real human being is an American human being….what a dick!

  2. Ha! I hadn't noticed that! What a dickbag Chris is!

  3. Dees Nuts in this idiots mouth. on said:

    Fuck off loser! Not everyone is a fuckin nigger lover like yourself! Freedom of speech bitch!

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