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@GodsWordIsLaw aka Keith Roberts, Try to Save His Ass by Lying

It seems that Keith Roberts aka @GodsWordIsLaw is a little rattled after his identity theft of David Butts was revealed to….David Butts. Today Keith has frantically claimed that the Facebook page (now deleted) that he was using, containing the picture of David Butts and his wife, was a recent fake made by ‘evil atheists’. Unfortunately for Keith, Google still has some of the pages he interacted with cached, and you can clearly see Keith using the account way back at the beginning of November, including the photo of David and his wife.

Personally I hope Dave Butts lawyers up and takes this scumbag to the cleaners.

EDIT: Here’s a screen shot of a tweet by Keith from back in October, and who’s that in the picture? OOOOPS!!!

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9 thoughts on “@GodsWordIsLaw aka Keith Roberts, Try to Save His Ass by Lying

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  2. Shocked but pleased you post things like this. This man, by definition of what it means to be a Christian, is NOT a Christian. He may believe he is a Christian but he simply cannot be.I am happy you continue to root out and expose what we prefer to call false teachers. Keep up the good work.

  3. Let's predict how Keith will spin this:1) He'll accuse you of photoshopping it.2) He get's hacked all the time, so he's not responsible for anything he says or does. (He actually said this to me yesterday.)3) He'll deny he ever said that was him, and he was trying to string you along etc. (Which basically means yes, he was using the Dave Butts pic as a cover.)What's interesting is that the Twitter version is a different picture from the Facebook one, so if he's not responsible for the Facebook as he claims, where did the Twitter picture come from? Unlike the Twitter picture, if you put the Facebook profile picture into Google Image Search, you get nothing. So at the very least, he must have known it was Dave Butts picture he was using on his Twitter profile.

  4. Just found out Dave Butts is on another Twitter account here, using exactly the same profile pic that Keith was using in early October. Wonder if Keith is following him?

  5. The Facebook page is back. It must have been suspended, or deleted, and then logged back into in the 14 day grace period. More importantly, the David Butts picture is still there, as you can see in the Profile photos.

  6. The Facebook page is back. So either the account was suspended by Keith, or he did the full delete, and logged back within the 14 grace period that Facebook allows your before it fully deletes your account. Either way, it's back, and the activity goes back to at least 5th October, with a lot of Keith plugging the old CFAMA. Oh, and David Butts is still there in the profile photos.

  7. Sorry, Keith's Activitity link is here

  8. Still no word from Dave Butts, which is odd.

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