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@PiltdownSupermn, Hilarious Tool

Really? Why would that irritate atheists and ‘evolutionists’ (whatever the fuck they are)? Why, honestly, would I (for example) give a flying fuck that you’re stupid enough to give your money to liars?

Come on, Bob, explain to me why I should care?

Oh, and as an aside, I see you’ve now decided that you DO do podcasts! I guess we pegged you right first time – you’re scared of the Fundamentally Flawed gang!


Without missing a beat, failed ‘Rapture NYE’ prophet and homophobe, @GodsWordIsLaw is right back into tweeting the vilest anti-gay vitriol imaginable –

Incredible. If he’s a poe then he doesn’t know when to stop, and if he’s for real then he’s properly bonkers.

@GodsWordisLaw, Outstaying His Welcome Now

Annnnnnnd, he’s back!

What was that? Less that 4 hours away? Any ‘respect’ he may have gained for managing to keep his Poe persona (poe-sona?) up for so long will surely evaporate away if he just keeps on going as if nothing happened!

Before today one had to accept that, no matter how obscene what he said was, Keith managed to stay in character 100% of the time, never once dropping the act. But today….well, today it’s game over. The ONLY way forward seems to me to be if he reveals himself to be a big name comedian setting up some show or other, or trying to make a point about how people react to online lunatics….

But my gut feeling is that he’s either a no-body who set up a poe account that span out of control, or he’s genuinely insane.

EDIT: in light of the following, I’m going with ‘Poe’, and also feel confident in saying that @LoveGod50 is just a Keith sockpuppet


Missed my 600th post! Oh well, seems like a good place to wind up for 2011!

Happy New Year, thanks for reading.

As #RaptureNYE Passes Without Incident….

…where now for homophobic lunatic @GodsWordIsLaw? Already today we’ve seen his biggest fan, @LoveGod50, apologising to everyone he insulted, after a day of gradually dimming enthusiasm for ‘the Rapture’

Keith himself has vanished (probably raptured!) – was this part of his plan all along? Was he realising that too many people were getting too good at finding out who the real people were who he’d stolen identities from? Has he been warned off by the REAL Keith Roberts or Dave Butts? Perhaps this was his way of escaping from the Poe world he’d created over the last few months, bowing out with a whimper rather than a bang.

Whatever has happened, we’ll all remember Keith as the Poe who made it to the Daily Mail.

EDIT: He’s posted one, presumably final, tweet –

If that isn’t the work of a Poe, I don’t know what is.

Another Quick Question for Christians

And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. – Revelation 20:10

If the Devil is thrown into the Lake of Fire, and defeated forever, who runs Hell for eternity afterwards?

Good News for Brandy, Ex-Wife of Joe Cienkowski

Well done Brandy! Congratulations on your divorce from Joe Cienkowski!

Raissa, Bigging Herself Up Again

According to her profile on Twitter, Raissa Nkuba is ‘President of New Generation For Congo’….

….so I googled ‘New Generation For Congo’, and here’s a screen shot of what I found –

One hit, for Raissa’s twitter profile. It’s a bit like her ‘Free Mabus’ campaign, all in her head. Now, don’t get me wrong, the issue with the Congo IS serious, and there are things going very wrong there, but Raissa is probably not the best spokesperson for it. Why? Because, let’s be honest here, she comes across as being a tiny bit insane.

Still, one hit! That’s pretty good!

EDIT: Six results now, 5 of them being this blog post!

Miss Raissa’s Site Gets Suspended

This is what greets visitors to Raissa Nkuba’s website at the moment. Is it possible that the endless homophobia drew enough complains that the site got shuttered?

Maybe she ditched it herself, as it didn’t chime with her current ‘Save the Congo!’ obsession, an obsession that has seen her claiming the Police and the CIA (despite her being a Canadian citizen) are monitoring her tweets….

….accusing Ben Affleck of smuggling resources…..

….and getting a bit mixed up over whether there have been more deaths in the Congo (reckoned to be between 5 and 7 million) or the entire of the Second World War (between 50 and 70 million) –

Reading through her time line you’ll see a woman who has entirely dropped her anti Chaz Bono tirades, given up on telling homosexuals that they will be going to hell, and has become a single topic tweeter.

@PiltdownSupermn Doesn’t Know What a Poe Is

He’s written about what he thinks a ‘Poe’ is before, and got it spectacularly wrong (even after writing the definition into the start of his ‘piece’!). Since then he’s had it explained to him, but he STILL doesn’t understand.

Bob, let me make this clear enough for even someone with a single digit IQ like yourself to understand. A ‘Poe’ is a someone who believes the OPPOSITE of that which he or she posts. Example: @Frankfurt4 is a Poe – why? Because he is clearly ripping the piss out of fundamentalism by adopting a parody of it as his twitter persona. It is entirely possible that homophobic lunatic @GodsWordIsLaw is also a Poe. But the important thing is that Poe’s Law dictates that any parody of fundamentalism, no matter how extreme, will be indistinguishable from ACTUAL fundies, as you can guarantee that you’ll encounter someone online who genuinely believes the exact same thing.

So, for there to be ‘atheist Poes’ there would have to religious fundamentalists out there pretending to be atheists in their tweets. Unfortunately for you, as there are no standard ‘beliefs’ amongst atheists (beyond a shared notion that there is no such thing as gods), it is practically impossible to parody atheism in a way that would convince others that you were ‘for real’.

The only truth here is that Bob Sorensen doesn’t actually know what a Poe is, and is happy to continue getting it wrong in witless ignorance….the same witless ignorance he displays when talking about evolution.

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