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As the ‘discussion’ surrounding the cut-to-fuck video that Sye posted a couple of days ago grinds on, I’ve ended up replying to the mad canuck several times in the comments. This is the latest one, and I feel that it should be republished as a post in it’s own right as it brings the whole sorry tale right up to date. It addresses Syecho directly – 

Seems to me, Syecular, that you wouldn’t have a case at all if you tried to get my implication of you as the creator of the video held up as a libel (this is after Sye indicated that he’d be taking legal action if I kept on stating that he’d made the video)

Thing is, despite the video being hosted on Eric Hovind’s account, it was YOU who was boasting that you would be making it, and it was YOU who then posted a link to said video, embedded into a page on YOUR website. You started crying about it when I (reasonably) assumed that you were the creator, claiming that I’d libeled you. To date you’ve not really supplied ANY evidence to contradict the notion that you are (at least partially) responsible for its making, sure it’s on Eric’s account, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t make it and ask for it to be hosted by Eric. Again, this is not unreasonable to believe, as you are plastered all over various videos hosted on that account, and even appear on the covers of some of Eric’s commercial DVDs!

As I said before, a claim of ‘I didn’t do it’ ISN’T evidence of innocence – seriously, did you think that would float? Try murdering someone and then using that in court as your defense, see how far it gets you!

As it stands, my opinion is that Eric Hovind is the guilty party, but that has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING you’ve said when one considers that it was I who traced the account back to him without you pointing it out. Syecho, all you’ve done is crow about making a video, post a link to a video containing the EXACT content you claimed yours would contain, and then threaten legal action when people believed that the video was your handiwork!

Then you backpeddled *again* and started saying that you fully support the video! Jesus man, are you incapable of being consistent or honest? From my perspective it seems to me that you’ve realised that the video makes you and Eric look REALLY fucking bad, the kind of Christians who’ll manipulate and distort the context of a debate to try and make themselves look better – it’s destroyed your credibility and any trustworthiness you may previously have had. After all, who is going to want to debate you now if they are aware that their words could be twisted and chopped afterwards by you or Eric Hovind?

Hilariously Eric is playing dumb on Twitter, even when sent a link to the video HOSTED ON HIS OWN FUCKING ACCOUNT!! The two of you look like clowns, Syeten, and your handiwork is now being spread all over via that handy youtube page I made for it, and my own blog (which, don’t forget, is STILL streaming the video DIRECT from Eric’s account!!)

I look forward to seeing what your next move is, Syecular, and hope it will be as hilariously inept as your steps so far in this affair.

10 Christ Like Figures Who Pre-Date Jesus


Horus 3.Jpg
Born of a virgin, Isis. Only begotten son of the God Osiris. Birth heralded by the star Sirius, the morning star. Ancient Egyptians paraded a manger and child representing Horus through the streets at the time of the winter solstice (about DEC-21). In reality, he had no birth date; he was not a human. Death threat during infancy: Herut tried to have Horus murdered. Handling the threat: The God That tells Horus’ mother “Come, thou goddess Isis, hide thyself with thy child.” An angel tells Jesus’ father to: “Arise and take the young child and his mother and flee into Egypt.” Break in life history: No data between ages of 12 & 30. Age at baptism: 30. Subsequent fate of the baptiser: Beheaded. Walked on water, cast out demons, healed the sick, restored sight to the blind. Was crucifed, descended into Hell; resurrected after three days.

An interesting read, peep the rest by clicking here.

Dewi Gets It

In the comments here, a chap called Dewi Hughes said the following –

You’ve carved a rather important niche in secular commentary on theistic beliefs. In the blog and in the tweets you allow yourself to be much more biting, dismissive and outrageous than in the podcasts, and these beliefs DESERVE it. Sometimes the emotional response is the right one, and while it is important to find reasoned responses to issues such as the TAG, if people persist in a bad idea they have earned abuse and ridicule.

Dewi has nailed it – people like Sye, Eric, Joe, Chris, and all the rest of the reality denying crowd, deserve nothing but ridicule for their witlessness. They seem to be getting upset that they aren’t treated with reverence and respect either here, or on the podcast, but you know what? They don’t DESERVE reverence or respect for their idiocy, if anything they deserve even more ridicule. For the bullshit they peddle, often for money, they should be laughed out of town, they should be hounded by angry townsfolk armed with pitchforks and flaming torches. They should be confronted by the results of their idiocy, the incalculable harm their religious beliefs have wrought against mankind down the ages.

They should be made to fucking pay for it ALL.

So, no, I’m NOT going to treat these people with respect, and I’m not going to be polite to them. If anything they’re going to find themselves looking back at the first 500 or so posts on this blog and wishing things were still THAT NICE. To quote Josh T Pearson –

‘Sometime, somewhere just when you think it couldn’t get any worse
It’ll hit you unaware, And you’ll realize it’s going to get far worse before it gets better’

Gloves off.

It’s Not Just Us Who Think Sye Is Crazy

In a podcast on presuppositional apologetics, I noted that it does in fact contain the kernel of a significant type of argument for theism. But what I have never appreciated is the combative “all or nothing” approach that many presuppositionalists take. Unfortunately, some of them see all arguments for God’s existence – all arguments apart from their own transcendental argument – as intellectual treachery, as selling out, and as borderline sinful. This has a couple of harmful consequences: It creates needless squabbling between Christians who are really serving the same end, and it frankly makes Christian apologists look crazy in the eyes of onlookers.

Fucksake, read the comments on this blog post by Glenn Peoples, and see bullshitting liar for Jesus, Syecular, spectacularly missing the point OVER AND OVER AGAIN!! If you’ve listened to my interactions with him over the months and thought ‘He’s insane, how come other Christians don’t see it??’ then you’ll be glad to read that you’re not alone.

Thinking of Taking a Break

Should I? I’m feeling kind of dirtied by dealing with the lunatic fringe of Christianity all the time. I know there are rational believers out there, but I’ve been instead dealing with the certifiable ones……let’s be honest, Bob Sorensen, Joe Cienkowski, Sye Ten Bruggencate, Eric Hovind, David Smart, Dustin Segers, Joshua Whipps, Chris Bolt, and all the others coming at me in an endless flow of self-righteous delusion, are not the most sensible people to talk to.

I’m not sure what to do, on one hand it amuses me to read nonsense and respond to it, but on the other I don’t know how healthy it is to be entirely known to some people for what I DON’T believe. After all, I’m also a musician, artist, writer….as well as being a husband and father, and I’ve been letting this whole thing take time away from a lot of the other things I love doing and being.

If I do take a break it’ll probably be a week or so away from the blog, and a permanent end to interacting with moron’s on Twitter (I’ll still be there, but enjoying speaking to intelligent fellow free thinkers, rather than idiot creationists). Don’t worry though, I’ll still be doing the Fundamentally Flawed podcast.


Witness the Genius of Sye Ten Bruggencate

Make Your Minds Up, Answers In Genesis!!

From an article about Noah’s Ark possibly being ‘found’

“Even so, during our conference call I asked whether any scientific tests had already been conducted. It was quickly indicated that samples of wood from the structures on Mt. Ararat had been tested for radiocarbon (C-14). My curiosity was naturally aroused, as such tests would potentially be a good indication of the structure’s possible antiquity. So without any hesitation on their part, these Chinese members of the discovery team tabled their full compilation of C-14 test results, and sent me a copy.”  (my emphasis)

But what’s this, from elsewhere on Answers in Magic?

“It must also be concluded, therefore, that because nuclear decay has been shown to have occurred at grossly accelerated rates when molten rocks were forming, crystallizing and cooling, the radiometric methods cannot possibly date these rocks accurately based on the false assumption of constant decay through earth history at today’s slow rates. Thus the radiometric dating methods are highly unreliable and don’t prove the earth is old.” (also my emphasis)

Which is it??

Apparently I ‘Relish in Feculent Sin’

You may not have noticed this hiding in the body of my recent post about Bob Sorensen’s failure to call Fundamentally Flawed….the following is from an email Bob claims to have received –

“I am glad that you have decided against appearing on the Fundamentally Flawed podcast with host Alex Botten. After having done a bit of homework on the man and observing him at various blogs on the internet, I have come to the realization that Botten is a sickening and exceedingly wicked man. He is not merely incoherent and irrational—although he is that—but a truly wicked and disturbed man who relishes in his feculent sin.”

Those are some pretty fierce accusations, Mr Anonymous Emailer!! As you’ve done a ‘bit of homework’ I’d like you to share your findings right here. I’m specifically interested in examples of my ‘sickening….wicked[ness]’ and dated instances of times that I’ve ‘relishe[d] in… [my]… feculent sin’. I think you’re going to struggle, as you’ve pulled the whole lot out of your arse (almost feculently it would seem, oh the irony!)

Come on now, don’t be shy! Let’s have some detail!

EDIT: No? No details? Oh, I guess you were literally talking shit then!

Bob Sorensen, Coward

A while ago fundie loudmouth Bob ‘Piltdown Superman’ Sorensen posted a poll on his blog, asking whether he should call Fundamentally Flawed. We’d invited him numerous times to appear and defend his Creationism and rabid anti-reality rants both on Twitter and his blog.

It came as no surprise to anyone when he claimed, following an overwhelming ‘call in!’ vote, that he’d never intended to call in the first place. Then there was silence from the inclement one….until this was posted at the weekend

Buon giorno. I did some bad logic. Yes, I know it’s astonishing. But your astonishment will evaporate when I tell you that it was on purpose.

See? I told you, Bob’s reply has barely started and already he’s excusing himself!

You see, when I did this article about appearing on an atheist “show” (podcast thing), I asked the viewing public if I should engage in this activity:
The question itself is biased. Then, the first two answer choices contained loaded wording. The third selection was legitimate, and the last two were because I wanted to be funny (I was the only one to vote on “Sorry, what?”). If I worked for a pollster, I would have been sacked.

Dude, if you worked at ANYTHING that required you understand reality, you’d be sacked.

In the article, I pointed out my dealings with some of those people in this “show” included manipulation, personal attacks, ridicule, profanity and fundamentally flawed logic. They must think that I am stupid, because I am still badgered to be on the “show”, even though I have repeatedly explained my reasons for refusal. Further, continued attempts at manipulation and appeal to pride (“Come on the show, prove you’re not a Poe”) reinforce my belief that they have no respect for my intelligence, beliefs or for me as a person. By the way, the “prove that I’m not a Poe” nonsense can easily be turned around because atheists have their own Poes. Edit: News flash, guys! Ridicule is not a form of logical discussion!

Actually, Bob, we wanted to you to appear so that you could show that you weren’t just a keyboard warrior, we wanted you to have a chance to show that you are a man, and not a coward. You failed pretty hard. Oh, and one more thing, despite being told what a ‘Poe’ is you continue to mis-use the word – just sayin’.

Another reason that this poll was spurious is because I never intended to participate.

Then your reason for putting the poll up in the first place was thoroughly dishonest and misleading….

But then, I never claimed that I would abide by the results of the poll.

Didn’t think you would, because I know for a fact that you’re a coward.

Which is a good thing, because it was obviously manipulated by these guys and their pals.

Really? How do you figure that? Sure, we made people aware that you were running the vote (and drove a shit tonne of traffic to your site into the bargain – you’re welcome) but we couldn’t force them to vote in a way they didn’t want to. The truth is people wanted to hear you call into the podcast.

I received e-mails strongly imploring me not to do this thing (“Don’t waste your breath nor fingers as no good can come from that situation”…”I voted for “leave it alone”. As I was doing so I noticed “38 votes so far” and thought, “Hey, that’s pretty good.” And when the results appeared I could see that 26 of those votes are from your creepazoid stalkers. They really want you, baby! Take my advice, it’ll be better for your blood pressure. I can feel mine going up just thinking about it”), and personal conversations strongly advising me to give it a miss.

As I said, people wanted to see if you were the man you constantly boast of being, I guess you showed them the answer

Something I forgot to mention in the previous article is that I had no idea how many atheists I would be facing, and what topics. (I was told much later by the one who is actually civil that it would be one-on-one, and I could choose the topic. Aside from my trust level being zero, I have the larger concern of being unable to see much value in the whole thing, aside from making their CV look good.) I’m not Matt Slick, James White (not every show takes calls) or Greg Koukl, ready and willing to take on just about anything in a cold call.

Again, you’re just making excuses here, Bob.

One of them has humiliated himself on Matt’s show, I’d love to hear him try his stunts with Greg or Dr. White. Tee hee.

Oh yeah, I was thoroughly humiliated on Matt’s show! Yeah, he totally got me when he didn’t know the history of Damascus or why Paul was a liar! And his incorrect definition of Evolution, followed by having to mute my mic while he defended rapid speciation was a real bloody nose for me!

I had some extra knowledge that I chose not to mention in the other article: The reputation of these guys who want me to call and “debate” on their “show”. I told of my experiences with some of them, but what about people who have actually listened to this thing? “Tribalogue” has some interesting comments. So did “Grace in the Triad” (watch how the apparent podcast “leader” defends himself by digging himself in deeper in the comments). Also, I asked someone who had actually endured this “show”, and was told, “Don’t do it”.

Bob, you should listen to the shows that featured Dustin and Alan ‘Please Don’t Call Me Alan Maricle, I’m Scared Of People Calling Me Alan Maricle, So Please Call Me Rhology’ Maricle, maybe you’d understand why they felt the need to attack us after the hammerings they received.

Addendum: This arrived in my e-mail: “I am glad that you have decided against appearing on the Fundamentally Flawed podcast with host Alex Botten. After having done a bit of homework on the man and observing him at various blogs on the internet, I have come to the realization that Botten is a sickening and exceedingly wicked man. He is not merely incoherent and irrational—although he is that—but a truly wicked and disturbed man who relishes in his feculent sin.”

Ok, here’s a challenge to the ‘writer’ of this supposed ’email’ you’ve received – tell me, EXACTLY, in what way I am ‘wicked’, ‘disturbed’ and ‘feculent[ly] sin[ful]’. Cite instances of me being ‘wicked’ please, and you can go ahead and list the ‘sin[s]’ you believe I’ve committed.

After the poll was closed, I received an e-mail wanting to set up the debate that I had never promised to do. All these attempts at manipulation are off-putting, to say the least.
If they had started out acting respectfully and being skilful, they could possibly have built up a decent reputation by now. I wonder if they will ever change? Nah. Hate makes people act stupidly, and think irrationally.

Nah, your cowardice makes you behave in a cowardly manner.

“What’s your point, Cowboy Bob?”
I’m glad you asked. There were three. First, I vented a bit. Second, to give other potential callers some information on which to base their decisions to participate. Third, and most important, to discuss how my previous write-up was skewed with loaded terminology; it is an example of the kind of thing that should be approached with caution when it is presented as “objective”

Wow, coward Christian uses his completely ignored blog to tell people not to call Fundamentally Flawed, I’m sure the guests will be cancelling in droves now!

A Challenge

Sye Ten Bruggencate, at 9pm UK time, Jim and I will be on Skype in a conference call on the ‘theealex’ address, you are challenged to join us to discuss your latest video creation.

9pm, UK time.

Are you up to the challenge?


UPDATE: No sign of Eric or Sye.

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