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Yet More on @GodsWordIsLaw aka Keith Roberts

Disgusting homophobe and maniac, Keith ‘GodsWordIsLaw’ Roberts has made it to the Huffington Post!

He’s also had his use of the image of Dave Butts emailed to…..Dave Butts! Let’s see what happens next, I can’t imagine Mr Butts being especially pleased that Keith has been using his image as a mask for his raging hatred. Just for good measure I made sure Dave got Keith’s address, links to blog posts about him, and details of his company.

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2 thoughts on “Yet More on @GodsWordIsLaw aka Keith Roberts

  1. I want everyone to know how awful Keith is, I am just afraid we are giving him the attention he craves. Like a child stomping his foot demanding we look at him, see him, making it to a national platform is only validating his bad behavior.

  2. Nice work. I thought I read somewhere that he lied about having kids too? … Aquarian yeah that's the concern but I think in this case the attention isn't going to do him any good. He may get more twitter followers, although I think he lost some initially after that comment yesterday. But that will be it. People should be aware of this guys tweets because this is what we have to deal with, and its so obviously wrong.

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