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More on @GodsWordIsLaw aka Keith Roberts

Now THIS is interesting! Have a look at the picture that Keith Roberts uses on his Facebook page, then have a look at the picture Dave Butts, chairman of the National Prayer Committee in the US, uses on his Twitter page

It’s the same guy. In fact, go ahead and check out this image search for “Dave Butts” NPC, you’ll see that the picture Keith was using on his Twitter account is one of Dave!

So, is Keith Roberts of CORAD, online hate monger and insane homophobe actually Dave Butts of the NPC? Or is his just using Butts’ photo to avoid giving away his true identity? My feeling is that the latter is more likely, but only Dave Butts or Keith Roberts can clear this one up.

Thanks to twitter user  for spotting this.

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18 thoughts on “More on @GodsWordIsLaw aka Keith Roberts

  1. perhaps someone should educate mr butts (don't you wish his name is seymore)

  2. Actually, there's slight more to it than that. If you look at this link, you'll find this picture, which clearly indentifies the woman in the Keith's Facebook page as Kim Butt, wife of Dave.

  3. Woops, I missed an 's' out of the surname 'Butts' there.

  4. What he said about George Michael is one of the most vile things I've ever read online. I was looking for a post on that. Its hard to tell if he wants the attention from it or not but I don't think people can tolerate that anymore.

  5. I noticed he's deleted the pic from his Facebook now. However pics are never deleted from Facebook. I noted down the URL of the pic, and it's still there. Note the middle number in the filename of this pic: "100002963152787". That's the same number as his profile id (Which you can see in the URL for his Facebook page.)

  6. Update: he's deleted the Facebook page as well now!

  7. Tried that URL and got SQL Server error message: "Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'log_id', table 'business_lists.dbo.log_foreign'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails."Think he's deleted his entry there too?

  8. I think he's frantically deleting things left, right, and centre.

  9. That's probably him. On this page, he sponsored an event ("debate" yeah right!) featuring Young Earth Creationist whacko Kent Hovind.

  10. Poor Keith can't even get along with the Catholics. for: From: CORAD Healthcare, Inc. []

  11. Hmmm, interesting stuff, Eric! That's the nearest we've got to a connection so far.BTW CORAD Keith's also got a computer "company" in Stillwater: The Facebook page is back up at the same URL , but you can only see it if you're logged into FB. What you'll notice is he's removed the Dave Butts from his profile pic- but of course, it's still there if you look in "Profile Pictures" in the "Photos" tab. Also, if you check his wall, the activity goes back to at least 5 October, and nearly all it is related to his CFAMA "project". So it looks like he created his profile just for his "campaigns".

  12. Re: the debate mentioned on CORAD's site. The year's not specified, but according to the following discussion on James Randi's site, it's 2004:, like a great of the site, it's been untouched for years.

  13. We really should feel sorry for people like this God'sword freak.You see, he believes that crap and spends a large part of his life dealing with it and spreading love as is evident from his words on Twitter.You know, even though I'm atheist, religion would be acceptabloe if those that preach that stuff acted in the manner they say the Bible tells them to.But they cannot, simply because they are not, believers at all. Just frauds. As an atheist I KNOW there is no God. Not one of those believers adctually KNOW what they claim at all. They BELIEVE, which is simply hope, not fact.

  14. Obviously, both profiles belong to the same guy, Dave Butts. Bingo!

  15. So, to whom are you writing anonymous? No one apparently, words drop to the floor, irrelvant.

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