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The Epic Failure of Eric Hovind

Eric’s video editing came about because he claimed I’m made certain statements, let’s remind ourselves of what they were –

Basically there are two claims – 1. Eric claims I said that ‘we can’t know anything’ (and he’s repeated that lie over and over again) and 2. Eric claims I had said that, to know anything, we’d have to know everything (this has also been claimed over and over by Eric).

So, he made a video where he looped audio of me saying ‘of course it’s possible we don’t know anything….’, before cutting off the rest of what I was saying. This is NOT the same as saying ‘we can’t know anything’, or ‘to know anything we’d have to know everything’, and both Jim and I made this clear in every single interaction with Eric, correcting him every time he claimed we’d said that.

Eric Hovind has claimed I’ve said something I’ve NEVER said, and has failed to supply any evidence to support his claim. Still, that shouldn’t be surprising, as he tells rooms full of credulous idiots that dinosaurs lived with humans, and that a global flood happened in the last 10,000 years – Eric Hovind clearly doesn’t have any problems at all with lying if he thinks it will strengthen his position, or turn a quick buck. Really, he’s no better than his convicted felon father.

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5 thoughts on “The Epic Failure of Eric Hovind

  1. Erm, what do you know when you claim that it is possible that you don't know anything?Surely you can see that if you make a knowledge claim, AND claim that it is possible you don't actually know it, then it is not knowledge?!? Perhaps you'd like to tell us what you know that you might not know?You'd better keep deleting my posts Alex, this isn't going well for you šŸ˜€

  2. Sye, really, I'm not sure why you're still hanging around, you've been shown up time and time again.Why don't you just fuck off and hang out with other brain dead presubullshitters? Maybe they'll felch you good and proper when you spin out some of your nonsense non-questions and point free points.Take this message as your banning.

  3. Sye… How do you know its not knowledge?Hal

  4. Little Eric is obviously a chip off the old fraudulent block-head.He has all the scientific understanding of someone who was home-schooled by a fact-denying Creationist and all the honesty and integrity of someone home-schooled by a fraud.Personally, I blame the parent.

  5. Wow, a creationist nutter from the family Hovind exposed as a fucking liar. I did not see that coming.

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