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Apologies, I’ve Had to Enable Comment Moderation

Thanks to Blogger not allowing users to IP block (despite it appearing to be one of the most requested features if you hit Google), I’ve had to switch on comment moderation. I don’t intend to leave it on for any length of time, just enough for Syecular’s ban to take.

Keep commenting, I’ll let them through as soon as I see them, and I’ll be checking several times a day.

By the end of the week I’ll turn moderation off again.

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One thought on “Apologies, I’ve Had to Enable Comment Moderation

  1. Hi Alex,You may want to keep the comment moderation on permanently. Sorry to say and I wish I could recommend differently. I used to get a lot of spam comments but also quite a few awesome readers leaving me comments. I have noticed that I still do get some spam comments that I have to delete but moderating has not affected my good comments. I still get awesome readers leaving me comments as I did before and now they do not have to read through the spam to leave me a comment! Too many people use a software to automatically submit comments to people's blogs. When they became big, my blog became a big target for them. This has been my personal experience.Hope you have a wonderful week 🙂

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