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He just keeps on showing how badly messed up religion has made him!

EDIT: Double brilliant! Eric and Sye have reacted EXACTLY as I thought they would!! Hilarious.

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10 thoughts on “Brilliant

  1. I think Eric and Sye have lost their religion some time ago. The way they act is as if they are hanging on to anything they can so they don't lose everything. If you think about how much they have to lose (family, friends, jobs, etc..) if they leave Christianity, its hard to blame them for their own self deception and deception of others. Poor Eric's whole life has been submerged in the cult I see little hope for him ever escaping his delusions.

  2. Looks like I gotta start taking screenshots again since Alex is deleting posts when he is caught out. You see, Alex alleges that we are being deceptive, but offers exactly zero proof (cause he has none). When he is being deceptive, however, I am pleased to offer proof. You see Alex posted a comment that Eric tweeted, as though it was Eric’s words, when in fact Eric was quoting Alex as this picture clearly shows.

  3. Uh, isn't that Eric talking as opposed to Alex? How's about showing the quote directly from Alex as opposed to Eric saying that Alex said something?

  4. Alex, That was your sentence. I was quoting you. Man, you are the one who keeps taking things out of context.

  5. Eric, there are no quotation marks around this supposed 'quote'.I find it hilarious that you and your pet are whining about being misrepresented.

  6. I find it hilarious that you don't remember writing that exact sentence.

  7. So what if I wrote a sentence? You posted your tweet without any indication that you were quoting anything.Very sloppy.Btw, nowhere in that video of yours do I say we 'cant know anything'.FAIL

  8. Hilariously, Syecho thinks that the purpose of this post was something completely different to it's REAL reason for being!Poor, slow witted, Sye.

  9. Oh, this is TOO good!! Syecular is posting links to images that he thinks prove some point he's trying to make, but they're just showing how much he's missed the point!Sye, do I have to spell it out to you?

  10. Jesus, he just keeps on going. Now he thinks that the image he's posting is the reason I'm deleting his posts (which is laughable, as it's still on this very page).Sye, I'm deleting your posts because you're a cunt, and it amuses me to delete you. Also it appears I AM going to have to spell things out for you. This post DELIBERATELY mis-represented Eric, something I did to see if the two of you would whine like a pair of little girls when faced with that.You've delivered more than I could have hoped, you pair of rocket scientists!

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