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It’s Not Just Us Who Think Sye Is Crazy

In a podcast on presuppositional apologetics, I noted that it does in fact contain the kernel of a significant type of argument for theism. But what I have never appreciated is the combative “all or nothing” approach that many presuppositionalists take. Unfortunately, some of them see all arguments for God’s existence – all arguments apart from their own transcendental argument – as intellectual treachery, as selling out, and as borderline sinful. This has a couple of harmful consequences: It creates needless squabbling between Christians who are really serving the same end, and it frankly makes Christian apologists look crazy in the eyes of onlookers.

Fucksake, read the comments on this blog post by Glenn Peoples, and see bullshitting liar for Jesus, Syecular, spectacularly missing the point OVER AND OVER AGAIN!! If you’ve listened to my interactions with him over the months and thought ‘He’s insane, how come other Christians don’t see it??’ then you’ll be glad to read that you’re not alone.

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11 thoughts on “It’s Not Just Us Who Think Sye Is Crazy

  1. The best bit is Sye's whine about how I quoted Peoples against him."Sye Ten Bruggencate says:November 21, 2011 at 3:15 pmHis whole article misunderstands my point. Glenn says that people of my “ilk” need to realize that we are on the same team, but that gets hard to do when he uses terms like “ilk” and argues against my position at every turn. I even had an atheist quote him to support an argument in one of my debates. Not feeling the love Like or Dislike: 1 1"ah, bless. 🙂

  2. Yeah, poor ickle Sye.Btw, not sure what name to address him by….Syecular is good, but Dawson's 'Syecho' is also good, then then I feel that 'Sye "Fucking" Ten Bruggencate' could also have a lot to recommend it.

  3. Alex,How about instead of Satan, "Syeten"? — with the significant difference being that "Syeten" is real and not imaginary, and he opposes rational thinking.Ydemoc

  4. If the emails we've received into the show are anything to go by, then it would appear that 'Oh god, not Sye Ten Bruggencate AGAIN!' is a regularly used name.

  5. i don't believe they "miss" the point i believe they deliberately ignore the point because to acknowledging the point will not lead them to the next question on their approved list, also it will force them to acknowledge the problems with their world view and we can't have that can we, it may have an adverse affect on their bottom line. liars for jesus laughing as they steal from the bewildered begging for answers.

  6. So once again, I jump into another breach.I've really got to work on kicking this habit…I have Skyrim to play, for christ's sake!

  7. Thanks, Reynold. I had to stop myself from commenting on the Sye written article. Enough already !

  8. Well, the last response to my post over there is worth a laugh…easily shot down, using his holy book yet.

  9. Well, since my original post is too long, here's a link to a forum I posted it at.

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