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Dewi Gets It

In the comments here, a chap called Dewi Hughes said the following –

You’ve carved a rather important niche in secular commentary on theistic beliefs. In the blog and in the tweets you allow yourself to be much more biting, dismissive and outrageous than in the podcasts, and these beliefs DESERVE it. Sometimes the emotional response is the right one, and while it is important to find reasoned responses to issues such as the TAG, if people persist in a bad idea they have earned abuse and ridicule.

Dewi has nailed it – people like Sye, Eric, Joe, Chris, and all the rest of the reality denying crowd, deserve nothing but ridicule for their witlessness. They seem to be getting upset that they aren’t treated with reverence and respect either here, or on the podcast, but you know what? They don’t DESERVE reverence or respect for their idiocy, if anything they deserve even more ridicule. For the bullshit they peddle, often for money, they should be laughed out of town, they should be hounded by angry townsfolk armed with pitchforks and flaming torches. They should be confronted by the results of their idiocy, the incalculable harm their religious beliefs have wrought against mankind down the ages.

They should be made to fucking pay for it ALL.

So, no, I’m NOT going to treat these people with respect, and I’m not going to be polite to them. If anything they’re going to find themselves looking back at the first 500 or so posts on this blog and wishing things were still THAT NICE. To quote Josh T Pearson –

‘Sometime, somewhere just when you think it couldn’t get any worse
It’ll hit you unaware, And you’ll realize it’s going to get far worse before it gets better’

Gloves off.

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8 thoughts on “Dewi Gets It

  1. This post has been removed by the author.

  2. … in which people discover pre-suppositionalism, try out various responses as they think it through, find a sufficient answer, then get understandably frustrated when the answer isn't listened too because it deviates from the other person's script.[previous post deleted for grammar pedantry … again]

  3. Alex,What an incredible agrument you've discovered!Arrogance is bliss!

  4. Hey, 'Truthseeker', go fuck yourself, you reality denying fucktard.

  5. How's about an example of theistic arrogance. Preferably examples that arise form their holy book.For example, look at all the times that Dan Marvin or Sye TenBruggencate and other apologists have accused atheists of "suppressing the truth in unrighteousness". That's a statement from the bible. Romans 1:16-32It's a claim that somehow, everyone knows that the xian god exists, yet they all prefer sinning, so we "suppress" the truth to ourselves. So, even without knowing an atheist or any non-xian for that matter, the xian can go ahead an make a motive call on why a non-xian believes, and assume without any evidence, that the non-xian actually believes in the xian god.Now, that's arrogance!

  6. The presubullshitter's constant claim that I'm 'suppressing' my belief in their god in 'unrighteousness' is one of the most irritating tactics they employ. How DARE these empty little charlatans claim to know what I think??Cunts, one and all.

  7. Oops. That should be: …make a motive call on why a non-xian doesn't believe…

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