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Thinking of Taking a Break

Should I? I’m feeling kind of dirtied by dealing with the lunatic fringe of Christianity all the time. I know there are rational believers out there, but I’ve been instead dealing with the certifiable ones……let’s be honest, Bob Sorensen, Joe Cienkowski, Sye Ten Bruggencate, Eric Hovind, David Smart, Dustin Segers, Joshua Whipps, Chris Bolt, and all the others coming at me in an endless flow of self-righteous delusion, are not the most sensible people to talk to.

I’m not sure what to do, on one hand it amuses me to read nonsense and respond to it, but on the other I don’t know how healthy it is to be entirely known to some people for what I DON’T believe. After all, I’m also a musician, artist, writer….as well as being a husband and father, and I’ve been letting this whole thing take time away from a lot of the other things I love doing and being.

If I do take a break it’ll probably be a week or so away from the blog, and a permanent end to interacting with moron’s on Twitter (I’ll still be there, but enjoying speaking to intelligent fellow free thinkers, rather than idiot creationists). Don’t worry though, I’ll still be doing the Fundamentally Flawed podcast.


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15 thoughts on “Thinking of Taking a Break

  1. Looks like no one cares 😀

  2. Wow…you are a prick, aren't you? I wager that if you ever took a "break" Sye, you'd get a lot of responses…likely cheering from the people who don't go for that merry-go-round thinking of yours.

  3. Alex,I care. I'd like to see you post as much as you can to this blog of yours. You and your contributors have much to say as it pertains to battling non-rational worldviews.Perhaps I can offer a plausible counter explanation to Sye's remark, and that is since it's Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S. (or Producers' Day, if you will), people are visiting with family, watching American football, and shopping for things producers (not some invisible magic being(s)) have made. Ydemoc

  4. Sye TenB said… "Looks like no one cares :-D"How do you know that, Sye?

  5. think of yourself and your family first, perhaps talk it over with your wife, try to remember why you did this in the 1st place and see if those reasons are still true, you have done a lot to expose these disgusting people for what they really are, self obsessed conmen, you will be missed good luck in the future. sye ten bruggencate you are a disgusting human being:@blindrighteye

  6. It's been great entertainment to watch you decimate the presuppositionalist blogosphere the last month or so. Yet in a way, watching these interactions is disheartening. You, Jim, Dawson, Reynold, and plenty others constantly tear past the presuppositional sophistry, expose their empty slogans and gimmickry (and they seem to offer nothing more interesting). Yet the presuppers never seem to learn anything. They seem utterly impervious to reason, and are so deluded they even declare victory when their entire position has been left in shambles around them. It's hilarious in a sense, but depressing in another — just that another human mind could deceive itself so thoroughly. I'd like to see you rile up these kind of believers more, as its amusing, and informative to contrast their views with sanity and rationality. – a spectator to all this that felt like commenting for once.

  7. Well I for one will miss our chats on Twitter. I enjoy chatting with you.

  8. I think that there is also some psychology behind it too, Alex.What Sye and Eric miss is that the person that has been most persuaded by the arguments put forward is yourself and sans anything new then what is the point is having further round the houses discussions ?I've debated them and exchanged posts and articles with them and sans anything new it has been a struggle to find anything to write about them in particular and Christianity in general. There are other more influential channels for the subject areas that interest me.So take some time out and enjoy yourself and remember that the Christians that you've been interacting with usually do what they do as a full time job.

  9. This post has been removed by the author.

  10. Family and career have to take priority. (Note to theists: For full secular support for the morality of this position, please refer to the countless occasions when secular morality has been defended).Alex, I don't blame you at all if you want to take a break. Dealing with difficult people takes its toll. You've carved a rather important niche in secular commentary on theistic beliefs. In the blog and in the tweets you allow yourself to be much more biting, dismissive and outrageous than in the podcasts, and these beliefs DESERVE it. Sometimes the emotional response is the right one, and while it is important to find reasoned responses to issues such as the TAG, if people persist in a bad idea they have earned abuse and ridicule.Not that I don't enjoy the podcasts – I do, very much – but they are a discussion. The blog and Twitter are the best places from which to hurl the stink bombs.So yes, take a break, but I'll look forward to your return! [Previous post deleted for typos – curse my pedantry!]

  11. I second the sentiment of that entire post

  12. Note: Part of this is being sick of the endless dishonesty of Sye. He's getting deleted now.

  13. Thanks all, glad to know what I'm doing is appreciated.I'll ease off for a couple of weeks (though, considering how often I post, it'll probably be hard to tell the difference!) There will still be a couple of posts (at least) a week, and I'll not wait to publish anything that catches my eye.

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