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Apparently I ‘Relish in Feculent Sin’

You may not have noticed this hiding in the body of my recent post about Bob Sorensen’s failure to call Fundamentally Flawed….the following is from an email Bob claims to have received –

“I am glad that you have decided against appearing on the Fundamentally Flawed podcast with host Alex Botten. After having done a bit of homework on the man and observing him at various blogs on the internet, I have come to the realization that Botten is a sickening and exceedingly wicked man. He is not merely incoherent and irrational—although he is that—but a truly wicked and disturbed man who relishes in his feculent sin.”

Those are some pretty fierce accusations, Mr Anonymous Emailer!! As you’ve done a ‘bit of homework’ I’d like you to share your findings right here. I’m specifically interested in examples of my ‘sickening….wicked[ness]’ and dated instances of times that I’ve ‘relishe[d] in… [my]… feculent sin’. I think you’re going to struggle, as you’ve pulled the whole lot out of your arse (almost feculently it would seem, oh the irony!)

Come on now, don’t be shy! Let’s have some detail!

EDIT: No? No details? Oh, I guess you were literally talking shit then!

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