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Bob Sorensen, Coward

A while ago fundie loudmouth Bob ‘Piltdown Superman’ Sorensen posted a poll on his blog, asking whether he should call Fundamentally Flawed. We’d invited him numerous times to appear and defend his Creationism and rabid anti-reality rants both on Twitter and his blog.

It came as no surprise to anyone when he claimed, following an overwhelming ‘call in!’ vote, that he’d never intended to call in the first place. Then there was silence from the inclement one….until this was posted at the weekend

Buon giorno. I did some bad logic. Yes, I know it’s astonishing. But your astonishment will evaporate when I tell you that it was on purpose.

See? I told you, Bob’s reply has barely started and already he’s excusing himself!

You see, when I did this article about appearing on an atheist “show” (podcast thing), I asked the viewing public if I should engage in this activity:
The question itself is biased. Then, the first two answer choices contained loaded wording. The third selection was legitimate, and the last two were because I wanted to be funny (I was the only one to vote on “Sorry, what?”). If I worked for a pollster, I would have been sacked.

Dude, if you worked at ANYTHING that required you understand reality, you’d be sacked.

In the article, I pointed out my dealings with some of those people in this “show” included manipulation, personal attacks, ridicule, profanity and fundamentally flawed logic. They must think that I am stupid, because I am still badgered to be on the “show”, even though I have repeatedly explained my reasons for refusal. Further, continued attempts at manipulation and appeal to pride (“Come on the show, prove you’re not a Poe”) reinforce my belief that they have no respect for my intelligence, beliefs or for me as a person. By the way, the “prove that I’m not a Poe” nonsense can easily be turned around because atheists have their own Poes. Edit: News flash, guys! Ridicule is not a form of logical discussion!

Actually, Bob, we wanted to you to appear so that you could show that you weren’t just a keyboard warrior, we wanted you to have a chance to show that you are a man, and not a coward. You failed pretty hard. Oh, and one more thing, despite being told what a ‘Poe’ is you continue to mis-use the word – just sayin’.

Another reason that this poll was spurious is because I never intended to participate.

Then your reason for putting the poll up in the first place was thoroughly dishonest and misleading….

But then, I never claimed that I would abide by the results of the poll.

Didn’t think you would, because I know for a fact that you’re a coward.

Which is a good thing, because it was obviously manipulated by these guys and their pals.

Really? How do you figure that? Sure, we made people aware that you were running the vote (and drove a shit tonne of traffic to your site into the bargain – you’re welcome) but we couldn’t force them to vote in a way they didn’t want to. The truth is people wanted to hear you call into the podcast.

I received e-mails strongly imploring me not to do this thing (“Don’t waste your breath nor fingers as no good can come from that situation”…”I voted for “leave it alone”. As I was doing so I noticed “38 votes so far” and thought, “Hey, that’s pretty good.” And when the results appeared I could see that 26 of those votes are from your creepazoid stalkers. They really want you, baby! Take my advice, it’ll be better for your blood pressure. I can feel mine going up just thinking about it”), and personal conversations strongly advising me to give it a miss.

As I said, people wanted to see if you were the man you constantly boast of being, I guess you showed them the answer

Something I forgot to mention in the previous article is that I had no idea how many atheists I would be facing, and what topics. (I was told much later by the one who is actually civil that it would be one-on-one, and I could choose the topic. Aside from my trust level being zero, I have the larger concern of being unable to see much value in the whole thing, aside from making their CV look good.) I’m not Matt Slick, James White (not every show takes calls) or Greg Koukl, ready and willing to take on just about anything in a cold call.

Again, you’re just making excuses here, Bob.

One of them has humiliated himself on Matt’s show, I’d love to hear him try his stunts with Greg or Dr. White. Tee hee.

Oh yeah, I was thoroughly humiliated on Matt’s show! Yeah, he totally got me when he didn’t know the history of Damascus or why Paul was a liar! And his incorrect definition of Evolution, followed by having to mute my mic while he defended rapid speciation was a real bloody nose for me!

I had some extra knowledge that I chose not to mention in the other article: The reputation of these guys who want me to call and “debate” on their “show”. I told of my experiences with some of them, but what about people who have actually listened to this thing? “Tribalogue” has some interesting comments. So did “Grace in the Triad” (watch how the apparent podcast “leader” defends himself by digging himself in deeper in the comments). Also, I asked someone who had actually endured this “show”, and was told, “Don’t do it”.

Bob, you should listen to the shows that featured Dustin and Alan ‘Please Don’t Call Me Alan Maricle, I’m Scared Of People Calling Me Alan Maricle, So Please Call Me Rhology’ Maricle, maybe you’d understand why they felt the need to attack us after the hammerings they received.

Addendum: This arrived in my e-mail: “I am glad that you have decided against appearing on the Fundamentally Flawed podcast with host Alex Botten. After having done a bit of homework on the man and observing him at various blogs on the internet, I have come to the realization that Botten is a sickening and exceedingly wicked man. He is not merely incoherent and irrational—although he is that—but a truly wicked and disturbed man who relishes in his feculent sin.”

Ok, here’s a challenge to the ‘writer’ of this supposed ’email’ you’ve received – tell me, EXACTLY, in what way I am ‘wicked’, ‘disturbed’ and ‘feculent[ly] sin[ful]’. Cite instances of me being ‘wicked’ please, and you can go ahead and list the ‘sin[s]’ you believe I’ve committed.

After the poll was closed, I received an e-mail wanting to set up the debate that I had never promised to do. All these attempts at manipulation are off-putting, to say the least.
If they had started out acting respectfully and being skilful, they could possibly have built up a decent reputation by now. I wonder if they will ever change? Nah. Hate makes people act stupidly, and think irrationally.

Nah, your cowardice makes you behave in a cowardly manner.

“What’s your point, Cowboy Bob?”
I’m glad you asked. There were three. First, I vented a bit. Second, to give other potential callers some information on which to base their decisions to participate. Third, and most important, to discuss how my previous write-up was skewed with loaded terminology; it is an example of the kind of thing that should be approached with caution when it is presented as “objective”

Wow, coward Christian uses his completely ignored blog to tell people not to call Fundamentally Flawed, I’m sure the guests will be cancelling in droves now!

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10 thoughts on “Bob Sorensen, Coward

  1.      And in other news, grass is green.

  2. I notice that his blog is called "Stormbringer". Looks like he's the same guy that is talked about hereThey quote Stormbringer in that post. I think you'll appreciate what he says:Attention Trolls: Temporary PostYou are missing out. You're having a wonderful time taking things out of context, misinterpreting and outright lying. Nothing I say or do will please you. Since this is a multi-purpose Weblog, you're missing out on things that have entertained and also helped people for about three years. Deal with it. Get over your burning hatred. Of course, you're cowards as well as dishonest, since you can't deal with me one-on-one, just throw stones at Christians from your "I'm so freakin' smart" hideout. Too bad you're on puh-TROLL. You're missed out on some good, fun, entertaining and educational posts from the past years.Maybe I've underestimated you. If you had the guts to tell me things to my face, instead of through hidden and anonymous profiles, I might not act like a Christian. After all, I've been living the reprobate life for fifteen years, and I just might kick your tail all over Pennsylvania.For evidence that it's the same guy, check out the link they give here. The link to his "stormbringer's thunder" blog is the first link on his links page, and it's hard to see.

  3. Yeah, it's the same Stormbringer, a tool of the highest order

  4. So let me get this straight – when Christians don't want to debate Atheists live, they're cowards, but when Atheists don't want to debate Christians live, this doesn't count as cowardly act?This kinda seems like a double standard to me…

  5. Dude, I've repeatedly debated Christians live, so I don't really understand what point you're trying to make.

  6. Especially when Bob writes things like this – "If you had the guts to tell me things to my face, instead of through hidden and anonymous profiles, I might not act like a Christian. After all, I've been living the reprobate life for fifteen years, and I just might kick your tail all over Pennsylvania."….and then hides behind his keyboard when called on it

  7. This post has been removed by the author.

  8. I wasn't talking about you specifically, Alex. FSM only knows you've had your share of live debates :)But, on the other blog I saw Dawson Bethrick refusing to debate Sye live, which he is totally entitled to, of course, and you've supported that decision.And yeah, people like Bob, Sye, Eric, etc. don't deserve to be treated with respect until they earn it, but still… That particular accusation has struck me as little bit dishonest.Feel free to disagree :)[previous post deleted for grammar pedantry]

  9. The reason I give Bob Sorensen a hard time about this is entirely down to his aggressive bragging and constantly argumentative nature. He repeatedly challenges non-believers to call his favourite radio evangelists live on air, yet runs away when asked to do the same thing. I've now called Matt Slick 4 or 5 times, when Bob had gloated I'd never call him. At the same time, Bob has called no-one, yet has continued to insult anyone who doesn't match up to the standard that he himself cannot attain. On the other hand, Dawson has never (to my knowledge) attacked others for not calling into live discussions, so doesn't deserve to be attacked when he is entirely consistent with his previously held position.

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