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Ten Reasons the Crucifixion Makes No Sense

3. Jesus didn’t even die.  The absurdity of the story, of course, is the resurrection.  If Jesus died, there’s no miraculous resurrection, and if there’s a resurrection, there’s no sacrifice through death.  Miracle or sacrifice—you can’t have it both ways.  The gospels don’t say that he died for our sins but that he had a rough couple of days for our sins.

An excellent piece from Galileo Unchained, read the rest here.

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3 thoughts on “Ten Reasons the Crucifixion Makes No Sense

  1. That problem gets brought up within this comment thread on Dan's blog.

  2. Yep, what a ripoff! If all sacrifice could be so easy, there'd be much more of it and everyone will smile, be happy and not bother with silly religious nonsense.

  3. Two weeks before the resurrection event Jesus is alive, two weeks after the event he is alive.What's the simplest explanation for the intervening period ?

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