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Syecular or/and Eric Hovind Thinks He’s Clever

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Quick, before he realises it makes him look like a twat and deletes it, watch this. Three minutes of Syecular (or was it Eric Hovind? Neither seem keen to admit responsibility!) chopping up and resequencing part of one of the three appearances he made on Fundamentally Flawed. It’s a brilliant example of the kind of thing that certain Christians think make them look good, when in reality it does the exact opposite.

EDIT:  If you read the comments, you’ll see Syecular trying to distance himself from this already. Brilliant.

EDIT 2: I’ve put this on Youtube, with a full account of the subsequent events – events which (IMO) make Eric Hovind and Sye Ten Bruggencate look extremely dishonest –

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12 thoughts on “Syecular or/and Eric Hovind Thinks He’s Clever

  1. I did not make this video Alex. Nice try though.I'm glad that you are still employing your method of reposting things that make you look stupid.Thanks!

  2. Oh dear, did you get a child to make it for you? Or is that the work of Eric 'liar for Jesus' Hovind?"I'm glad that you are still employing your method of reposting things that make you look stupid."Frankly hilarious! Syecular, you're comedy GOLD!

  3. It matters not who made it, just that when you claim that I did, you are dead wrong. (But that is familiar territory for you, so it should not bother you much).

  4. Oh it matters, because whoever made it, as well as making an absolute arse of themselves, needs to get some lessons in audio editing!

  5. Also, as you've been boasting you were going to make this, and then posted it without stating otherwise, it wasn't unreasonable to assume you'd made it.Still, I can't blame you for trying to distance yourself from this embarrassment!

  6. Actually, I think it's entirely accurate, and exposes your view for the train-wreck that it is. The video that I will make will be complete with time-stamps so the viewers know exactly where to look.Still though, your false accusation is now all over the net. Good job at fact-checking there Alex 🙂

  7. Hmmm, this from a guy who is complaining about misrepresentation. So, if someone had taken video of you and added other words that would be okay? Your actual words were used, and you complain when you post stuff like this. How unremarkably typical.

  8. It's just another reason why no one should join Sye on some Skype conference call. Whatever you say may be excerpted and spliced in order to make you look bad. That's all presuppositionalists have: discredit opponents *personally* – their position cannot be defended in the realm of ideas, so they need to attack individuals to make them look bad in the minds of those in the audience.On the other hand, if I write something and post it to my blog (such as this), the original source is there for all to see. It can only be tampered with somewhere else. But the original remains intact. Unfortunately for folks like Sye, they cannot contend under such conditions.Regards,Dawson

  9. Syecular, can you tell the difference between parody and hatchet job editing?

  10. I see you've made the video "private." Wonder why?Not really 😀

  11. Actually I'm re-uploading it right now.

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