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According to Dan Marvin, dismal cunt, and owner of the grotesquely inaccurately named ‘Debunking Atheists’, I’m probably bound for some imaginary place he calls ‘hell’

“I am only going to pray for God’s Will be done. At this point I think its clear as to how God decided where to place Alex to glorify Christ for all of eternity. Praise the Lord.”

quoth Dan, and Circular Sye (Syecular?) agrees

“Indeed they both (Alex and Jim) show signs of being beyond help”

but still seems to think that his imaginary invisible friend (some chap called ‘YHWH’) might change me, and goes on to cite the example of the supposed ‘Apostle’ Paul making shit up as ‘proof’

“but God also saved Paul who was uttering murderous threats to Christians and sought to have them killed. It is highly inconsistent of them to be doing what they are doing (anti-Christian podcasts and blogs), so you know that their suppression of the truth is a raw nerve for them, which has been especially prodded of late.”

Sorry* to disagree with you, Syecular, but I’m not suppressing any ‘truth’ about my supposed belief in your crazy bogey man, your god simply doesn’t exist. Really, you’re going to have to do a lot better than your pathetic showings to date if you want me to believe in something that isn’t real.

As for these (almost salaciously expressed) prediction of my ‘fate’, I’m not going to be losing any sleep over it, to be honest Syecular and Dan might as well threaten me with the Deathstar for all the weight their words hold.

*actually, that’s not true, I’m not sorry at all.

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2 thoughts on “Hellbound

  1. There is also the utter buggeration of not being one the elect too.I'll take my chances on annihilation or eternity in hell thanks, that way I don't have to bother with the Xtian crap.

  2. Agreed, an eternity with Syecular et all would be unbearable

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