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Just How Little IS Joe Cienkowski?

Have a look at this picture from his website –

Note, he’s sitting next to an average height desk, with a Bible, lamp, and clock to cross reference the scale against. Now look at Joe….shouldn’t his shoulders be almost at the top of the chair back? In fact, just how tiny is he? In this picture he appears to be about 4 foot tall, sitting in his father’s study as a treat.

We can also tell this isn’t Joe’s usual office space, as there is no computer with Twitter being relentlessly spammed anywhere in sight. I even wonder if this is in his trailer….

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3 thoughts on “Just How Little IS Joe Cienkowski?


  2. How short is he? Well, I heard he just got a job at a certain chocolate factory. 😀

  3. mate come on, short jokes?

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