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Must Be Doing Something Right

Joshua Whipps, who writes at the reality denying ‘Choosing Hats’ blog, under the name RazorsKiss (seriously?? What are you Joshua? A 12 year old Metal fan??), has tweeted some of those tweet dealies today….

“So, I wonder when Fundamentally Flawed will figure out that 1) Their behavior 2) Dealing with Objectivist loons is why they are now pariahs.”
“There’s also the reason I haven’t bothered with them at all. Just not worth taking seriously. Dawson? Cursing a guest out on their show?”

Yes, he’s right, a group of the smugger presubullshitters have decided to stop speaking to us – bye bye Sye, so long Dustin, see you round David Smart, have a safe trip Chris Bolt! I do think, however, that Joshua’s excuse is a little lame, and I believe the truth is nearer to the fact that they’ve failed to gain any traction with us, been utterly unconvincing in every encounter, and that we have failed to accord them the respect they arrogantly believe they should be given.

I’m amused at Joshua’s attack on Dawson, the man who has, singlehandedly, done more to destroy their argument than anyone else I’ve encountered online. I’d suggest that their desire to rubbish him is entirely down to their realisation that he’s got them bang to rights, and they’re afraid that their pet argument will be exposed as the nonsense it is to a wider audience. Some of them, like Sye, literally depend on the TAG for their living, they are heavily invested in it.

So why are they now rubbishing Fundamentally Flawed? My guess is that our extremely informal format, one that is designed to be entertaining to the listeners as much as cover heavy theological subjects, is a threat to them. People actually enjoy listening to the podcast because it’s often rather funny, and all of the presenters are active on Twitter and various blogs – basically the feedback we’ve got is that listeners feel like they’re part of the show, that they’re listening to a bunch of their friends having a chat in the pub, they feel personally involved, and they recognise that we, as presenters, feel the exact same frustrations as they do, they want to scream at our guests, so don’t blame us when we occasionally lose our rags with them. To then expose the silliness of things like the TAG in this format results in these previously stuffy ignored philosophies being dragged into the light of day, into the lives of normal people, and it means an increasing number are realising just how fatally flawed these arguments are.

As long as people like Joshua, and Sye, and Dustin, and Dan Marvin, and David Smart, and Chris Bolt keep attacking us via blog posts and tweets we’ll know we’re doing something right, and we’ll keep on doing it.

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5 thoughts on “Must Be Doing Something Right

  1. Alex,And may I also direct your readers' attention to Dawson's nine-part analysis of RazorsKiss' debate with Mitch LeBlanc. Dawson thoroughly deals with RazorsKiss' apologetic. It is available here:

  2. Yet another theist who has no answer to the questions so simply throws out a couple of random ad homs in the hope no-one will notice the total lack of a considered response.The whole "not worth taking seriously" thing is just his way of saying "I daren't look at their questions too closely or I'll realise my entire worldview is just a house of cards built on shifting sands".

  3. I admit that, feeling like enjoying some open debate, and at their invitation, I wandered over to Choosing Hats.It's interesting to see how long comments go unapproved, while others go through neatly, despite efforts to be polite. I'm considering taking on Chris Bolt's length post-series there, writing one-for-one rebuttals, but we'll see if I still have the energy and enthusiasm (so to speak) after the weekend. 😉

  4. The podcast is more unintentionally funny than legitimately funny. I mean you guys are funny but the guests? Comedy gold! Even when they say awful things, it's like a puppy shitting on the floor. You're angry for a bit, but they're just SO ADORABLE! Like, they really believe that shit! It's so precious!

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