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Something I Almost Missed

Months after it suddenly fell silent, Bob ‘Stormbringer/Piltdown Superman’ Sorensen has quietly removed Rhomphaia’s Queen Queequeg blog from his Blogger profile, and ditched both ‘her’ and her other sockpuppet account ‘Silly Goose’ as team members on his own blogs.

The sudden silence of Rhomphaia coincided almost exactly with Bob starting his gloriously inept creation copypasta site….almost as if he didn’t have the time to run several sockpuppet accounts any more….

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2 thoughts on “Something I Almost Missed

  1. Yep, now that is a coincidence. 🙂

  2. It seems he left it long enough for most people to forget. On the off chance that Rhomphaia was a real person, I do wonder what happened to her.

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