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‘Man Up’ Indeed

 “Erm, I challenge them with the assumption that they will man up and state who they are, rather than hide behind their internet anonymity.”

…the words of Circular Sye Ten Bruggencate, commenting on his latest excuse for not debating a chap called BoB.

Maybe he should tell his pal, Alan ‘Rhology’ Maricle, a chap who refused to give his full name when he appeared on Fundamentally Flawed, and went as far as insisting that he be called by his screen name only. Alan seems to have a bit of a fear of being exposed, as this interaction on his blog shows –

 The deleted comment contained his name, and asked how life was treating him.

So, Sye, when are you going to tell Alan Maricle to ‘man up’?

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21 thoughts on “‘Man Up’ Indeed

  1. This is really amazing. And to watch Sye squirming like a worm… He has no hope of untangling himself from this mess he's created for himself. It's simply a most remarkable display of undiluted double-mindedness.Good to see this guy getting the exposure he deserves. I'm relishing it!Regards,Dawson

  2. Alex,I thought you might find this interesting since it’s topical to this post and the controversy it brings to our attention.A couple months ago a Christian apologist who blogs under the name “Wintery Knight” interviewed Brian Auten of Apologetics315. Towards the beginning of the interview, Auten asks “Wintery Knight” why he doesn’t publicize his real name, and WK goes on to explain his reasons.You can find Wintery Knight’s blog post on this here: blog entry has a link to the audio file containing the interview.I wonder if Sye would say this guy “Wintery Knight,” valiant Christian apologist crusading the internet in defense of the Christian faith under a pseudonym, is afraid to “man up.” Or, can we expect the usual SyeTenian duplicity?Regards,Dawson

  3. I think we can safely expect Sye to indulge in his usual doublethink

  4. Using Sye's continually shifting criteria, it seems that these gentlemen – Rhology and Wintery Knight – need to "grow some." I wonder if Sye's god will ever "grow some." Since it's not a biological organism and does not change, I guess it's safe to say Sye's god will never "grow some."I get the impression that Sye has gone into Christian apologetics because he failed at everything else he's tried. And he continues his failure streak to this day.Regards,Dawson

  5. And your evidence that I'm somehow afraid of the name that you think you've found for me is…?

  6. The fact that you delete it the second anyone mentions it, as shown above. Sadly you don't have admin privileges here, Alan.

  7. Reynold, that is funny.

  8. And your evidence that I delete them because I'm afraid is…?

  9. The fact that you delete them, and that you wouldn't give your name in before the podcast.Wow, you're as bad as Sye for denying the blindingly obvious.

  10. Hmm, what's more likely? That you can read my mind or that I can read my mind?So your evidence is your assumption. OK. Thanks!

  11. Well, Alan Maricle, as you repeatedly claim that YOU can read the minds of others, and know that they really do believe in your god, even though they deny it, it's not I that claims to be able to read minds. Let me know when Sye emails you with a 'man up!' message.

  12. LOL I do? Please show where.Yeah, you won't be able to. All you'll be able to find is what I've said from the beginning – I know someone who reads minds. However, He ain't you. So, once again, you have nothing. Not even any evidence that that's my real name.Let me know when you have a real argument.

  13. "I know someone who reads minds."AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! You fucking DICK! You typed that with a straight face, and actually believe it to be true!! Alan Maricle, you're a total twat.

  14. Deft change of subject!So, what's more likely? That you can read my mind or that I can read my mind?

  15. I'm not claiming to read your mind, Alan Maricle, I'm merely commenting based upon the available evidence. If you're not trying to hide your identity, you wouldn't be deleting your name whenever it appears on your blog. Got another reason? Present it here.

  16. LOL. You mean you're guessing based on the available guesses. What's your evidence? That you guessed at my name and didn't comply with my instructions? If it didn't rain, the road wouldn't be wet. Got another reason? Present it here.

  17. Is the screen shot I used from your blog not showing up on your computer?

  18. To be honest, I'm not surprised you behave the way you do, considering how much you worship Circular Sye.

  19. Yes, it is displaying.Still waiting on an answer…

  20. You've had your answer, but nice use of the 'insist I've not been answered if the answer isn't the one I like' technique perfected by Circular Sye.

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