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In a move apparently popular amongst the deeply deluded (Bob Sorensen has posted the same clip several times, before deleting it in shame), Chris Bolt has today posted a scene from ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ on his Potato blog.

It’s part of a post entitled ‘Atheist Triumphalism’, where he positions (as they ALWAYS do) the Christian as the white knight, and the atheist as the black knight. Apart from the pathetic school yard aspect of this, the real comedy comes from the fact that he’s deleted ALL the posts that were attacking individuals (including myself) by name, in so doing running away from the pasting he was receiving at the hands of non-believers.

Personally I’m surprised at how Chris has handled himself this last week, as several other fellow members of the godless community had spoken quite highly of him…I’ve seen nothing of this supposed rational and considered Chris, instead he’s come across as being a loopy as Sye or Eric or even Joe Cienkowski.

Still, at least he’s got his Monty Python clips to comfort him.

EDIT: Reynold has pointed out that Chris has deleted some of his comments from this blog as well, seems he’s trying to undo his rather embarrassing week of woe.

EDIT 2: Make that ALL of his comments! Obviously Chris was rather embarrassed about the whole thing! How strange!

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7 thoughts on “Bolt-ed

  1. There are times when a Christian tries to use Python against the non-believers but doesn't realise that it has precisely the reverse effect.I look forward to Chris quoting from the Spanish Inquisition sketch next.

  2. I suggested to him that he should watch the whole film. (He probably won't approve the comment.) The Monty Python team was deliciously irreverent and (as far as I was able to tell) did not treat any viewpoint as sacred.

  3. I do wonder if he'll do what Stormy does, and delete it shortly out of embarrassment.

  4. I didn't think that Stormbringer was capable of being embarrassed.

  5. Huh…Bolt even took down his comment from this site where he self-righteously proclaims that he's cutting off contact with Alex. I guess he was serious!

  6. He's deleted ALL of his comments!

  7. It's ironic really…considering what Bolt said to me here:It looks like you were planning a debate with Dusman. I will leave you to that for now. I will +1 you for being willing to debate. That's more than a lot of your fellow atheists can say. 🙂He takes a shot at the supposed cowardice of atheists, then he does this? Well, at least we know he debated, anyway…

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