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An Update on Circular Sye and Chris Bolt

Over the comments in posts here, here, here, and here on this blog, and here and here, on Debunking Atheists, Circular Sye Ten Bruggencate (bullshitter in chief at the so-wrong-it’s-not-even-wrong Sinner Ministries, and owner of the 100% inaccurately named, and latterly Chris Bolt of Choosing Hats and the Ponyo (or something like that) blog, have been avoiding numerous questions and challenges.

Despite claiming that they can easily answer the questions, or prove their points, neither Chris or Sye has managed to address even the simplest objections to their frankly ludicrous beliefs, both instead choosing to engage in some self righteous grandstanding, before running away.

The credit must mainly go to Dawson of the excellent Incinerating Presuppositionalism blog, who has done more to hammer the final nails into Sye’s coffin than anyone else. It’s been most amusing watching Circular Sye twist and turn in vain attempts to avoid his failure showing.

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8 thoughts on “An Update on Circular Sye and Chris Bolt

  1. It's a thing of beauty… Slippery Sye scurrying off like the cockroach that he is… and Chris Bolt… well, he bolted as well.By the way, what's going on over at Chris' Postum blog? It looks like he's deleted some back issues. What is it these days with presuppositionalist bloggers, taking down blog posts as we've seen? Are they folding up the tent? Are the fishers of men reeling in their nets?Regards,Dawson

  2. You're right, a whole load of posts have vanished from Chris's page, and he's replaced them with a puff of nothing and a misplaced Monty Python video (a firm favourite of theists who've thoroughly lost but not realised)I shall be writing about it later.

  3.      "When danger reared it's ugly head, Sir ChrisBolt bravely turned and fled."

  4. Huh. I wonder why? I can't see any reason why all of a sudden he'd feel ashamed of his previous posts or anything…he struck me as too certain of his beliefs to do that. Is it possible that blogger accidentally deleted a bunch of his posts? Though if it was, you'd think that his latest post would have mentioned that. Ah well

  5. Alex:     As Bob has clearly accepted Sye's debate challenge, I would like to encourage you to host the debate, if necessary absent Sye. I would like to ensure that the debate is set up and that Sye's presence or absence stands on record.

  6. An excellent idea, Pvb

  7. BoB said…Hey all, you know me from trying to get Sye to make good on his debate challenge to me over at "Debunking Atheists".Well, it seems a new development has even further hindered that attempt. I have my response prepared for Sye, post it via WordPress, it shows up that it has been Published, but when I go to view it it is not there. After several attempts, I'm coming to the suspicion that they have banned me from comments, but I'm not sure since I just don't see how *I* could warrant such reverence, as Dawson is much more succinct in his disassembly of their circular silliness. Though also supporting the suspicion is that they used to have an option to post comments via Blogger, which is what I used to use, but then that mysteriously disappeared, and I'm tired of the hassle of creating new accounts to simply continue wasting more of my time.Since discussion of the topic came up here, I'm hoping it would be OK if I just pasted my Sye reply here. It would be awesome if someone could copy/paste it over there just to be sure they see it. Anyway, Thanks for the support guys!…Oooops, too long, it will be in my next post…BoB

  8. BoB's reply to Sye at Debunking Atheists:Just so everyone else knows, I did explain to Sye, in my e=mail to him, precisely why I couldn't respond that exact instant: it was due to some family visiting from out of town. But of course there should be no regard for that, as he obviously used it to try to show that I had no interest.And Sye, I didn't actually call you a "liar" @ Nov 3, 3:45 pm. Anyone can check the record there for themselves to confirm. If you can infer that I called you a "liar" out of the actual statement then that is your choice, but to attribute words to me that I did not actually issue is blatantly suspect and 'exposingly dishonest'.Further, AGAIN, how could I contact you via e=mail if I did not have your e=mail address. As Alex had suggested, I don't have my browser set up to… whatever technobabble it was he spat out there. Yes, he did provide your e=mail address, but as it was very late for me I simply posted an acknowledgment, and then sent the e=mail, YES, the next day. Or more correctly, 14 hours and 52 minutes later, which is actually LESS than a day later. I had enough time to post a reply to receiving the address, BUT NOT enough time to give the kind of thoughtful wording and careful research that a proper RESPECTABLE message to you would require. And in doing that careful research, I actually discovered some of the information that you had requested, that I didn't even realize existed because I had never looked for it before. So, by taking a little Longer to respond by e=mail, I was actually able to send you a BETTER response with the info you had requested of me – MORE ACCURATELY!! HOW IS THIS A PROBLEM?!Even Further into that topic, I was the one who was CLEARLY making the only attempt to advance YOUR challenge 1) when I commented on having trouble with the e=mail link working YOU offered NO assistance to remedy the situation and 2) when I asked for your e=mail address directly SOMEONE ELSE gave it to me. What effort did you put into this? Besides making the initial baseless and hollow challenge to me…I have been unpleasant? ME?! You have been NOTHING BUT insultive to me right from your very first reply to me. Even, and especially after, my REPEATED attempts to assure you that my initial question to you WAS NOT intended to be an insult itself, but rather a simple misunderstanding on MY part.Also, your interpretation of my phrase [no intention of "debating" you], ESPECIALLY in its FULL context, displays a catastrophic comprehension of the English language, such that my very own suspension of disbelief that ANYONE is genuinely willing to debate you goes far beyond what ANY language could convey.And FINALLY….I think it is even FAR MORE telling that Sye acknowledges he received an e=mail from me……and yet my "Delivery Confirmation" has yet to notify me of this fact.Well Sye, it's kind of difficult for me to convince you of my sincerity if you simply delete it without even opening it…Since you guys here seem to have so much evidence that Catholicism is a fraudulent travesty, I thought perhaps you would Love the chance to "find the truth" with one in person. Why are you afraid of me? I imagine it's because you know your accusations are baseless speculation, that any real Catholic could easily tear down in a matter of minutes.BoB

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