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Painful Podcast Poison

I’m listening to the Skepticule Record podcast from the 16th of June, this year. In it perpetual dodger Circular Sye Ten Bruggencate confuses ‘throwing out a never ending stream of nonsensical questions’ with ‘having a debate’. It’s literally painful to listen to.

If you’re a sadist, click here and sit back.

Talking of Circular Sye, he’s run away from the questions Dawson has presented in the comments on this post. Among the (literally) dozens of questions Sye has dodged are the following from Dawson –

1) Do you think that nature is truly uniform? Yes or no? If yes, then:

2) Do you think the uniformity of nature is caused by some form of conscious activity? Yes or no?

3) If yes to 2), how do you justify this assumption? If no to 2), then what’s the problem?”

There are several other questions in the comments here that have also been left dangling. It seems to me that Sye can’t answer the questions, and has legged it out of cowardice, but I’ll be happily proved wrong if he turns up and answers.

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One thought on “Painful Podcast Poison

  1. Hello Alex,I just saw this post. Thanks for highlighting these questions about the uniformity of nature. I think they cut right to the bare bones of an issue which presuppositionalists are continually making a centerpiece in their apologetic, namely the uniformity of nature. I've asked a number of presuppositionalists this question over on my blog, but none seem able (or – as in the case of Sye – willing) to treat the matter seriously. For instance, I raised these issues in this entry on my blog where I wrote:"…the controversy here first needs to be understood in terms of metaphysical primacy. Specifically, if it is agreed that nature is in fact uniform, does the uniformity of nature presuppose the primacy of existence, or does it presuppose the primacy of consciousness? Is nature uniform independent of anyone’s thoughts, feelings, wishes, commands or temper tantrums? Or, does the fact that nature is uniform depend on some form of conscious activity?"When Chris Bolt reacted to this blog entry, he completely ignored the questions I raise above. Bolt's reaction can be found here, and my interaction with Bolt's reaction can be found here. And as we have seen, Sye himself is apparently unwilling to address the question as well. They're not alone – other Christians have also dodged this matter completely.Christians are apparently unwilling to make their stand on whether or not nature is uniform independent of conscious activity explicit, which suggests that they're trying to conceal something at the very core of their worldview, for fear of exposure. I already know what that is, but even many Christians are in the dark on this matter. They've sought to conceal it so urgently that they themselves aren't even aware of what they're concealing.Regards,Dawson

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