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My Five Hundredth Post

On January the 12th, this year, I wrote a short post to introduce what this blog was intended for. Back then I’d recently started interacting with the more lunatic fringe of Christianity via Twitter, and needed somewhere to present the replies that needed more space than the 140 character Twitter limit.

Over the months it’s slowly become something more, showing up the stupidity of people like Chris Taylor and Joe Cienkowski, exposing the lack of research endemic in the ‘writing’ of Bob ‘Stormbringer/Piltdown Superman’ Sorensen, challenging the homophobia of Raissa, Rhomphaia, and Keith Roberts, and providing a forum for the endlessly tedious TAG to be discussed at great length.

Along the way I’ve ended up getting involved in the Fundamentally Flawed podcast, and have ended up speaking to people like Matt Slick and Eric Hovind (son of convicted felon Kent), resulting in a slightly higher ‘online atheist’ profile than I ever expected.

But 500 posts! That’s a LOT of writing. Hopefully it’s be at least a little entertaining, and hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up. Thanks for sticking around, and enjoy whatever comes next.

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2 thoughts on “My Five Hundredth Post

  1. Thanks for a great blog and podcast!

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