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Dan Marvin: Despicable Cunt

“Blame your denial of God for all of this. Why does that little child have cancer? Look in the mirror.”

That’s Dan Marvin, a home schooling dickstain, writing on his comically mis-nomered ‘Debunking Atheists’ blog. It’s the final line of a particularly wretched smear of arse gravy where he blames all the ills in the world on those who don’t believe in his specific version of his specific god. Everything that is wrong with online Christianity is writ large in this one post – the lack of empathy towards the needy, the relentless drive to blame rather than fix, and the disgusting self righteousness that Calvinists seem to specialise in.

Dan, you’re an embarrassment.

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4 thoughts on “Dan Marvin: Despicable Cunt

  1. This post has been removed by the author.

  2. You think it's FUNNY??You're a disgusting waste of skin, Dan. People like you and Sye are vivid examples of how Christianity turns certain people into total dicks. Keep it up, I'm sure you're driving doubters away from your vile religion.

  3. dickstain. *smile* Dan, that last line is one of the most disgusting things i've ever seen a Christian say, and it's people like you who planted the seeds of doubt in so many formerly faithful people i've known. Alex is right, you're a fucking embarrassment.

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