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Behind the Magic

Ever wondered what hi-tech wizardry is used to produce Fundamentally Flawed? No? Huh, well, I’m going to show you anyway.

At the cutting edge of broadcasting
So, here’s what I use – a Dell 10v Mini netbook running Windows XP (skinned to resemble OSX) to do the actual recording. It’s a low powered machine, but the mic is good and it runs silently. I use Skype to host the calls (as everyone calls in from various different parts of the UK and, in the case of Peter Coote, Australia). I use the rather good, free, MP3 Skype Recorder to capture the audio.
Once the show is finished, I transfer it across to my old white MacBook, where I convert the mp3 to a wav using Max, then run the file through The Levellator to normalise everything. Once I’ve got a normalised wav, I dump the whole show into Ableton Live 5.2 (only runs on Tiger, which is why I’ve not started putting the show together on the pictured MBP yet) which I have due to my other life as a musician. I put the music that Jim made at the start and the end, record any intro voiceover that might be needed, drop in the ‘Peter Coote Sting’ if he’s on the show, then render the whole thing as another wav file. To finish I run it back through Max to make a 64kbps mono mp3 (which is more than high enough quality for speech, and keeps the file size manageable).
All that’s left to do is then upload the file to our server, and it’s done.
So now you know how to do it, go forth and podcast!
And want to hear the results? Go to the Fundamentally Flawed website, where you can download all of the episodes so far, including the two part interview with the infamous Youtuber VenomFangX, or Shawn to him mum. Get part one, then get part two (yes, we did ask him about the money that he didn’t give to charity)

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2 thoughts on “Behind the Magic

  1. Have you considered using Audacity to do the editing and Normalization. It might save some time.I tried to login to post this put it all got too hard in the end.

  2. I have Audacity, but Ableton Live is many times more powerful and easy to use.

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