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Make Your Mind Up, Blogger!

The more eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that I’m fast coming up on my 500th post, but have I already reached it? Blogger isn’t sure.

This is what I see when I’m in the admin dashboard –

– 500 posts, that’s clear enough.

But if I look over to the right (and remembering that I’ve only been blogging during 2011), I see this –

 – 489!

So which is it? I’ve no idea, so I haven’t a clue when I should be celebrating my 500th post.

What to do?

Perhaps I’ll just let this milestone pass uncelebrated, or perhaps I’ll just use the number that shows on the front of the blog.

Whatever I choose to do, I suggest you listen to the latest Fundamentally Flawed, a two parter interviewing the infamous Youtube Creationist (and, seemingly, wannabe Sye) VenomFangX – get part one, then get part two.

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