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It’s Dan Versus David!

On one side we have Dan Marvin, owner of the Debunking Atheists blog, and a man who is desperately in love with Circular Sye, and on the other we have David Smart, a man who thinks the sentence ‘Ryft, I’m through with you as well, you’re just as bad as Alan for avoiding direct questions’ is ‘gratuitous invective‘ and believes atheists to be ‘retarded‘.

Dan believes the Earth was created between 6000 and 10,000 years ago, in a literal week, by the Christian god, whilst David believes that the Earth is as old as science tells us it is, and that the Genesis account is some kind of ‘Temple Narrative’.

I have asked Dan who he believes is right.

I have asked David who he believes is right.

David hasn’t replied. Dan has said the following

Again, missing the entire point of post [this is the one he’s referring to]. We can all agree, even you, that you’re wrong about your postulation of God’s nonexistence. You know, its the real issue here. Nice deflection attempt though. (I am feeling generous today) 

Nice deflection indeed, though I doubt Dan was referring to himself there, despite being the only person trying to avoid answering the question.

There are three options facing us – 1. Dan is right, 2. David is right, or 3. neither of them is right (that’s the one I’m going with), I would like David and Dan to answer the question though.

I doubt they will, as they’re more interested in congratulating one another on how great being a Christian Apologist is, than actually defending their beliefs.

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