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Rubicondior Announces ‘Darwin Creationist Award’ Winner

Blogger Rosa Rubicondior has announced the first winner of the ‘Darwin Creationist’ award, a trophy going to the single most halfwitted Tweet from a Creationist.

The winner, with an apparently overwhelming vote, is mouth breathing simpleton @ImH0me, with this piece of brilliance –

“obviously evolution is garbage because rocks are not conscious,”


But if you’re thinking this might be a one off, have a look at his timeline, especially the most recent (at time of writing) tweets –

Likewise, when they say everything evolve & u have to dig 4 dead links that should be alive, their brains are likely dead too

When Evolutionist say there’s apple falling from tree, then u check 2find it’s a dung on d ground, Evo is likely a dung too.
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All PHYSICAL THINGS, living or non-living,were fused by HolySpirit. Human bodies were fused later after souls asked GOD’s help

A worthy winner, I’m sure we can all agree.

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One thought on “Rubicondior Announces ‘Darwin Creationist Award’ Winner

  1. "suffering children deserve it because their souls offended god eons ago" another @imhome doozy

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