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Looks like I’m going to have to enable moderated comments over night, as Syecular Ten Bruggenfake doesn’t seem to know what ‘banned’ means, and is spamming the comments.

Sorry about this, feel free to tell the ridiculous cunt to ‘fuck off’ if you see him.


“Have you noticed that people who believe that evolution is proved also think man-made global warming is proved? LOL!”

Bob is a twat.

Eric Hovind Has Been Crying to PZ Myers


PZ has this to say –

Eric Hovind just called me. He wanted to inform me that my website contains misinformation.
I laughed and laughed. A man who peddles lies to children as his profession, believes the earth is less than ten thousand years old, and thinks the book of Genesis is a science textbook complained to me about misinformation on my website.
Anyway, he said no, they’re giving away parts of the debate for free. But then he let slip that the debate will also be included on a DVD they’re selling as part of a creationist curriculum (you can guess how much that won me over). Then you’re selling it, I said. No, he replied, they’re giving away parts of the debate for free. But you’re selling this curriculum, I said, and he said, yes, but they’re giving away parts of the debate for free. And it went around and around that way for a while. And I laughed.

I laughed as well.

Yet More on @GodsWordIsLaw aka Keith Roberts

Disgusting homophobe and maniac, Keith ‘GodsWordIsLaw’ Roberts has made it to the Huffington Post!

He’s also had his use of the image of Dave Butts emailed to…..Dave Butts! Let’s see what happens next, I can’t imagine Mr Butts being especially pleased that Keith has been using his image as a mask for his raging hatred. Just for good measure I made sure Dave got Keith’s address, links to blog posts about him, and details of his company.

More on @GodsWordIsLaw aka Keith Roberts

Now THIS is interesting! Have a look at the picture that Keith Roberts uses on his Facebook page, then have a look at the picture Dave Butts, chairman of the National Prayer Committee in the US, uses on his Twitter page

It’s the same guy. In fact, go ahead and check out this image search for “Dave Butts” NPC, you’ll see that the picture Keith was using on his Twitter account is one of Dave!

So, is Keith Roberts of CORAD, online hate monger and insane homophobe actually Dave Butts of the NPC? Or is his just using Butts’ photo to avoid giving away his true identity? My feeling is that the latter is more likely, but only Dave Butts or Keith Roberts can clear this one up.

Thanks to twitter user  for spotting this.


…is off again – play nicely.

Apologies, I’ve Had to Enable Comment Moderation

Thanks to Blogger not allowing users to IP block (despite it appearing to be one of the most requested features if you hit Google), I’ve had to switch on comment moderation. I don’t intend to leave it on for any length of time, just enough for Syecular’s ban to take.

Keep commenting, I’ll let them through as soon as I see them, and I’ll be checking several times a day.

By the end of the week I’ll turn moderation off again.

The Epic Failure of Eric Hovind

Eric’s video editing came about because he claimed I’m made certain statements, let’s remind ourselves of what they were –

Basically there are two claims – 1. Eric claims I said that ‘we can’t know anything’ (and he’s repeated that lie over and over again) and 2. Eric claims I had said that, to know anything, we’d have to know everything (this has also been claimed over and over by Eric).

So, he made a video where he looped audio of me saying ‘of course it’s possible we don’t know anything….’, before cutting off the rest of what I was saying. This is NOT the same as saying ‘we can’t know anything’, or ‘to know anything we’d have to know everything’, and both Jim and I made this clear in every single interaction with Eric, correcting him every time he claimed we’d said that.

Eric Hovind has claimed I’ve said something I’ve NEVER said, and has failed to supply any evidence to support his claim. Still, that shouldn’t be surprising, as he tells rooms full of credulous idiots that dinosaurs lived with humans, and that a global flood happened in the last 10,000 years – Eric Hovind clearly doesn’t have any problems at all with lying if he thinks it will strengthen his position, or turn a quick buck. Really, he’s no better than his convicted felon father.


He just keeps on showing how badly messed up religion has made him!

EDIT: Double brilliant! Eric and Sye have reacted EXACTLY as I thought they would!! Hilarious.

Thinking of Debating Sye Ten Bruggencate or Eric Hovind? Don’t!

Are you an atheist who runs a podcast, fancy interviewing or debating Sye Ten Bruggencate and/or Eric Hovind? Think twice before you do! Eric and Sye are two of the most dishonest liars for Jesus out there, and are not beyond chopping up any recording they may have of your debate to make themselves look better – want evidence? Watch this.

Bottom line, you can’t truth either of them not to misrepresent what you say, so I’d advise you to tell them to ‘fuck off’ if either of them comes a-knockin’.

EDIT: Read the comments, they’re comedy GOLD, and further illustrate just how fucking far through the looking glass Sye and Eric really are.

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